Safest cars on the market


We run through the safest cars on the market, listed by category and based on their scores in the Euro NCAP crash tests.

See the full list here:

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No such thing as a safe car. Safe driving makes a car safer! BMW 3 large family car? They're tiny!



That's not true.

Kanovnegara Kanovnegara 

Surprise...surprise....a Volvo is the safest car.

Steven Valente 

you are worg volvos arnt safe ford fusion 5 star crash test

Maaz Talha 

3 series is a large family car? Lmao

klemen penic 

Tesla is the best

Kristopher Maron 

That Mocker SUV looks like a Buick Encore.


Cool, but all luxury expensive cars

Saleh M 

WTF where are chinese cars ? haha i'm joking

Ck Loh 

Tesla enter IIHS too bad is not the safest

Ck Loh 

3 series is good but in IIHS it get marginal haha

Ramon Zarat 

Both Tesla Model S and Model X are respectively the safest car and the safest SUV on the planet with 5 stars in eves category, and yet, not on this list? What a fucking joke this list is...


99% vs 100%??


and tesla?


This vid is a piece of shit

blue huckelberry 

yes wonder y  i would not trust auto express     and i m sure they will say  we werent talking eletric

PANU 11 

renault kwid

- PlumpPilot - 

Tesla gets five stars in every category I'm amazed they weren't on this list at all.


Where's Tesla?

Иван Калашников 

video is shit.

Dev Madhav S D 

i found something wrong with the volvo....ya cant suicide in it...bad move volvo,what if the customer wants to kill himself.. eh? 😜😜


Who cares about vans

sa li 

pls check euro ncap oficiial website before making a video with wrong list of cars.


cars for pussies!!!!

Zhuoli Zhang 

now day crash test does not mean everything, i would rather have a 4 star crash test but have Pre-Collision breaking, blind spot warning, auto high beam, auto dimming rearview mirror,Lane departure warning system....and all the active safety technology.

which Volvo also very care about these safety technology. I just want to point out crash test does not mean everything now day.


That SUV, and pretty much any big cars with tall window sills shouldn't be labelled as safe. Too tall, too big, barely any awareness for the things around you.

Jack Coe 

What about people movers, i.e., Kia Carnival, they're not vans.

Constantine Joseph 

No car is safe. Remember the arch duke Ferdinand. Remember JFK. Remember Julius Caesar? Remember Admiral Yamamoto, remember Stonewall Jackson? Remember Ayrton Senn?

One stray tree, one unlucky shard, one bad moment and even technology can't save you. Defensive driving, being a responsible driver is of utmost importance

Gary Feni 

You should also check out IIHS SMALL OVERLAP TESTS,, and only after that  choose  the safest cars !!!!   Volvo is the best  ;)

Kyran Gibbons 

The V40 R-Design is safe and beautiful.

Eduards Hollow 

Im getting sick of brits SO LOVING BMW. I really dont believe that it is safest in class. It may be safe but not safest! Bullshit, Maybe in UK scores. And Mercedes Benz? Or Audi? I noticed that Brits have allergy to Audi's...allways BMW...BMW...BMW...BMW...BMW

Tim Rihter 

Safest supermini is Skoda Fabia, as stated by EuroNCAP!

Mohamed Beshr 

The background sound, Is it music? :\


According to Euro NCAP the safest large family car is the new Mercedes C class not the 3 series .Get your facts straight .

Juan G 

Are you people running out of boring shit to do videos about?

Who the fuck would actually be interested in this, besides a clueless father of like 6. I mean if you want safe get a Volvo. Done.

The next Chris Harris On Cars: vehicle safety, which is safest!

Could you imagine?

You have the camera equipment and shit, might as well make something worth watching.

If you're going to make a video about safety make it about pedestrian-vehicle collision safety and have someone run the host over with a car at like 40 and then run into the AutoExpress offices at about 95 or so.. Fast enough to have the car light on fire and burn the building down.



Volvo for the win


Renault, Hyundai, BMW... and No Subaru? They are far more reliable, well equipped and safer than all of them.


Happy we bought the volvo v40, now I can race and feel safe

ozan temiz 

dou you guys aware of the iihs results of bmw5 series?


Safest Pick Up?

Vlad Saghin 

The new Volvo Xc90 will be the safest car ever I think

Chat Non binaire 

Where is the S-class?

Martin Cooper 

can't believe the V40 shrunk


volvo v40? safest overall?

really? i rather be in my S-Class than in a small volvo or any other smaller car. 

in a head-on collision size does matter.


Volvo XC90?

Or the tesla model s, which is apparently the safest car ever tested in the US

Noro Stepanyan 


Berke Sönmez 

What about Tesla Model S


So does it mean it is impossible to have a crash in the V40?


Safest small family car: Volvo V40

Safest small SUV: Volvo XC60

Safest executive car: Volvo S80

Safest large family car: Volvo S60

Safest Large SUV: Volvo XC90