RV Financials: Financial Resources to Help on Your Financial Journey


This week in our RV Financials series we are finishing up by talking about our favorite financial resources to hopefully help you on your own financial journey. First, we talk about our sister blog, Think Save Retire where Steve blogs about financial independence & early retirement. Lots of great stuff about strategy and mindset there. We also recommend Rockstar Finance for a daily dose of financial knowledge and inspiration. Next, don't forget to track your spending, it really is a critical first step! We use Personal Capital and love it but also highly recommend Mint. Now if you have had trouble with a budget before you may want to check out YNAB. It's not free but we know people who have had great success with it. Finally, we mention our two favorite financial books.

Think Save Retire: https://thinksaveretire.com/

Rockstar Finance: https://rockstarfinance.com/

Recommended Ways to Track Spending:

Personal Capital (affiliate): https://thinksaveretire.com/go/personalcapital

Mint: h...

Channel:  AStreaminLife
Brent Farler 

All the Financial advice you'll ever need: "It's not what you make but what you save". For Investing I recommend Morningstar.com. The free side has tons of information and the premium side gives you loads of unbiased pretty darn good stock and mutual fund investing advice for a pretty low fee. My investing results finally started paying off after I started following their advice.

The footnote to Millionaire Next Door is 'when you see some guy with a big house, expensive cars, flashy clothes and watches going to expensive restaurants don't think 'he's rich' think 'he spends all his money'. After 60+ years of life I have watched a lot of 'fancy folks' end up where if you turned them upside down and shook them only nickels and dimes would fall out of their pockets'. You can debate whether it's better to live live as fast as possible or as deliberate as possible but in the end one has to decide for themselves.

Diane Cohn 

I love that you're sharing your financial journey to freedom, as it's inspiring to us all. If there's one thing every citizen saving in America needs to understand, it's how our money system truly works—where it comes from, who benefits, and what happens to the value of your dollar every time a new one is created by the Federal Reserve. These forces are invisible to most people but affect everything in our lives, and if you don't know how to protect yourself against them, the value of your savings erodes insidiously, your standard of living drops, and you don't even know why because it seems like you're working harder every day just to keep up. This documentary explains in an easy-to-understand format exactly how money is created, who benefits (spoiler alert: not you), and how you can protect yourself from wealth erosion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFDe5kUUyT0&t=2s (Disclaimer: I work as a marketing consultant for the company that produced this, but I was a subscriber, customer a

Binbale Bardac 

The Mad FIentist Podcast is one of my favorite FI Resources. Especially Episode #35!

Pidasian Hippie 

Not sure how you feel about him, but for people who are swimming in debt and can't see a way out, Dave Ramsey has a lot of great resources. Ironically, I discovered him after I had already become debt free. I have enjoyed this series as much or more than all your other videos. I think it is because your strong passion for financial freedom comes through in them.

Deb Castell 

I have learned a great deal by watching these financial videos - please keep them coming! I started using Mint when you mentioned it in a prior video and have loved having “the big picture” all in one spot


I am all about finances and traveling so keep 'em coming.

S.J. Anderson 

Mr. Money Mustache is a great resource also.

Susan Rice 

I really like your financial videos! I would love to see more!

G&J Roaming & Rolling 

Hey guys, we like this content, so we definitely give you a thumbs up for it. We wish we were retired at 35 or 36, that would have been awesome, so good for you! Well done! We were in Tucson last Dec and wanted to contact you to meet you, but we didn't want to bother you and in the end we didn't. Now we wish we did. Anyway, you guys rock, keep it up! :)


Jeep Cherokee I did own one for a few years but alas not a millionaire... Yet! 🤓

jeff Minnesota 

Good post Steve on rockstar finance, read it all the time. Enjoy your topics....f150 truck a lot millionaires drive to in the book....

Like like like like

C Gin Go 

like them

john mack 

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Kim G 

I really enjoy these financial videos and would love to see more. You two are an inspiration to me on my path to early retirement. I would be interested to hear what your experience has been like so far with Liberty Health Share since you've been with them for about a year now. Thanks again for all the content you produce--I love it all.


Great info. Yes please add more like this. Thanks

Our Someday 

I love this series. I find it very inspiring and motivating to keep me in check. A weekly "reminder " so to speak. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time.

Our Someday 

I love this series. I find it very inspiring and motivating to keep me in check. A weekly "reminder " so to speak. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time.


Very helpful series, thanks for sharing. I really like Mint and YMYL book was the catalyst for me.


I’ve been listening to Clark Howard for many many years, he’s the reason we are millionaires in our early 40’s

Sandra's Stitches 

I don’t love ‘em and I don’t hate ‘em...they’re interesting and educational = thumbs up :-)

Roger K 

You all have a great grasp on finances, wish we did when we was in out 30s. Lol but a couple years ago we had enough, and my wife took control like a boss and could not believe the difference it had made we are now one student loan one house payment and in jun her can will be paid off. We are just shocked at the debt we have gotten rid in in short amount of time. Next goal. Ladder cd and then truck and rv. And retire and age 57..