RuneScape - All The Runecrafting Altar Locations (F2P)


The following are only the locations for the NON-MEMBERS altars. if you need any further help on how to enter them or if you're still confused about runecrafting, please comment your question below.


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Troy Deeney 


Philip Wakefield 

were did u get those teleport tablets

Bob Saget 

The teleporting crap is members only right?

Filip Rajkovic 

Tnx it was realy helpfull for me Addme my name is 99 Filip 99


fuckin sweet sandstorm


this goes out to all the people with runescape guide vids. quit the hello youtube this is a guid on how to do this, we know wtf the vid about otherwise we wouldnt have clicked on it >:(


@DarkOsz1 musician restores run faster

Adem Paydas 

why u always need a musician you can rest self.


can anyone tell me where the altar for mist runes is?

Mohamed Khaled 

those rune tablets are member?

Mohamed Khaled 

what is the name of this music?

Mohamed Khaled 

thank you very much


@swag661swag tyvm


tnx man you very help me ;)


that song makes me jizz... whats it called?

Jesus Rico 

thanks man u were a big help

Gabriel Morales 


Gabriel Morales 

what is the song


@swag661swag thx alot so far im a lvl 39 Im getting there


Srry to bother u, but where did u get those tele tablets from I'd find those useful

plz answer Im training runecrafting


Dude be sure to get a water tearia next time or atleast a water talisman.


fk i need to see death altars location!!!!!


@swag661swag ok thanks :( the video was very helpful tho!!!!


umm sorry im a noob i know but i need to know how to make law runes becuse they are too expinsive for me!!! lol but plz respond!!!!


this isnt all the runecrafting altars. you not show the member altars. just got member for some days ago and i want to find the members altars too. can you maybe update the video so you show the member altars too? that would be soooo nice :,(


hey man, please respond. how do you enchant and earth tiara? i have and earth talisman and am using it on the altar but it says i need an earth tiara, when i have one. please help


@swag661swag thanks i am doing that right now got to lvl 34 all ready,nice ;)


dude,i need your help,can you make or atleast reply to this and tell me,the fastest way to runecrafting exp. (my rc lvl is 30) please reply cuz i see your good at it :)

George Kush 

ho he get that tele?

nathen korbile 

did u show the dust altar?

nathen korbile 

since when are runes squar

cat bag 

@swag661swag thank you :D

cat bag 

whered you get those tablet thingys to take you to the altars?