[ROBLOX: Youtube Hangout] - New Filters, Park, and More - Review!


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Lud Remex 

Big granny voice cracked at 2:20 xD

James Cook 

How did you get those lighting effects and the clear water. I'm new to building and making a game that would be great with that

Thatcher Spears 

When are you going to make a tycoon


Will you ad a theme park

VorTex gAmEr 

how do u choose who's avatars go In the main room?

abdulmajed bawajeh 

add helicopter or helipad.....

myneckmybackmyanxietyattacks 03 

Totally gonna play this when it comes out, when does it come out? PS: Love your videos.

Rachel Healy 

I can script minigames obbys tycoons and shops my account name is spunky4624

Paul Oh 

Biggranny, give me the car model and ill add ss3.35 which is a car chassis. The front wheels turn too. Ss3 is also less laggy then the normal chassis for some reason.


You should add a slide for your swimming pool.


Could you add something to do with sports like a basketball court or a soccer field?

I love my school memes end biutiful fani cul vidios 

Biggrany Your stream was awesome I regret I don't meet you :(


I know you prob wont respond to my comment but as of now i love roblox and have 100 followers on twitch and was wondering if i should make a roblox youtube channel?


Play more The Forest I was very interested about the next ep

Trinh Doan 

I can see big, building a game, making it on the front page, YOU CAN DO IT, YOU HAVE POTENTIAL. I BELIEVE YOU!!!!!!


A response to all of the lag complaints, yes this hangout is getting heavy. I will make a new hangout with like 100 parts.

Sean Abarquez 

whats the name of that game pls reply

Sean Abarquez 

pls reply

Sean Abarquez 

hey biggrany how can i play that game

Pineapple Gurl 

can you make another bid and say my name in it


Wew awesome place!!!


I loveee the new shaders! Great video big! ^o^


I loveee the new shaders! Great video big! ^o^


Big your not lagging because you have a good computer

Pastellese RBLX 


Caleb SheaGames 

Thats Awesome Bigg i might check it out;D

rsty.c FTW 

big...!!! day and night plugin ... that would be awesome..

rsty.c FTW 

big...!!! day and night plugin ... that would be awesome..

Ïçë Kïng Snçhz 

What is it called?


so cool

Preston the gamer 


Standard Viewer 

A statue of yourself, how wonderful. And those skyscrapers could look better, you're capable of improving them.

Tyler Mazzola 

Are you ok

IWreck GT 

third like

Andreus Sherman 

nice love it :)


Hey Can You Do A Q&N In You Next Video


Lmao first like doe




Only me.