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Channel:  OZ Crypto
AniGoesCrypto Ripple 

Scam 🚨 alert ‼️‼️‼️

Samarth Shah 

when is the giveaway

Crypto Mom Still Standing 

I'm sharing your videos on Twitter - Abraham Maslow

navneet chhetri 

Abraham maslow and already shared in my twitter 😊

jack daniel 

Shared via twitter. The person's name is Abraham Maslow.

Tushar Choudhary 

Shared on Twitter and even added your link in my bio of Instagram 😍and did share with my some friends and the **qoute is by Abraham Maslow**

Jatin kalra 

i shared on twitter mate,

would love to win

Abraham Maslow

adrienne chester 

shared on fb The quote was from Abraham Maslow.

Jeffrey Cuyno 

xrp should report how many has been burned to know where are we now in relation to its price, i hope that the price will go back to 3 dollars this Dec as it was on Feb this year


Hello from Mackay, Qld , Shared on Twitter, Abraham Maslow

My Goo 

it's a rule of THUMB's up. 10 drops. but what's with the 20 XRP to different wallets kept.

like someone said, how can anyone get into the market when the price skyrockets. Nice ending. congrats again. cheers

My Goo 

Like your news and updates for us mate .Thank you.congrats on your 100th post. not really on with your giveaway as your asking for too many requests. sorry. not all of us are very social media connected. I love freedom. thanks anyway.

Jarred Minns 

I've been watching your videos for a while now and I enjoy your view points. I'm going to share on Twitter.

Abraham Maslow # XRPPIONEERS

May Demessie 

Shared on twitter, quote by Abraham Maslow

Viewers Delight XRP !! 

NEVER is the worst time to buy😁😁!!

Yeasin Habib 

Shared On twitter


So what dates should we be circling on our calender's, for big announcements?

GSmith Productions 

ripple me please! Or I shall send the ripple riddler you way!

sunil mody 

Congrats on 100 mate, nice work. Go #xrp

Shared on Twitter and quote from Abraham Maslow

Twitter- @sunilmody8

Mike Gleason 

Twitter knows that this XRP will get me higher up on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. ↗🔺

Twitter: @afterimagemike

Hayden White 

Congratulations on 100 videos Oz, can’t believe you have done that many already! As always keep up the great work. Video was shared on twitter @HaydenJohnWhite quote was from Abraham Maslow

Wes ley 

Abraham Maslow 😊 shared on Twitter 🤘 congrats on 100th video Oz

Danny Johnson 


Danny Johnson 

Xrp Sold Out

Colourful Crypto 

Shared on twitter

Keith Taubin 

Shared with twitter & facebook ;) Thank you for the opportunity and the great content that you offer. (Abraham Maslow)

Gus Ares 

great channel!

shared on twitter!

think that Abraham Maslow quote is?!

Computer Dr. Ethan 



I tweeted this video on my Twitter page, sent it via direct tweet and also sent to all of my friends via SMS! Go OZ!! Thank you!!

The Great Pate 

Congratulations again on 100!!

I have officially given you 90+👍🏻, I even went back to check!! 😃

I don’t have Twitter or Facebook, but I always copy and paste your address for friends that I know already like your content. Keep it up, and here’s to multiple 100’s of videos to come!!

Quote: Abraham Maslow #XRPPIONEERS!!


Tweeted, quoted Abraham Maslow

david morales 

:-) big ballers, what impact does futures have on xrp?


Awesome stuff Oz, g'day from Melbourne. Video shared on Twitter. The quote was by Abraham Maslow.

Eric Pedro 

I have liked, entered the poll, and retweeted the post, and quote by Abraham Maslow


Congrats OZ!! I'll retweet on Twitter. You quoted Abrham Moslow.

Hazard O 

Oh almost forgot, Abraham Maslow for the win!

Hazard O 

Hey Oz! Shared on twitter 👍

Salvador Ocampo 

Way to go Oz!

Silhouette Park Farm 

Shared on Twitter quote was Abraham Maslow


I opted to share via twitter( via @kz69) and the quote was Abraham Maslow, never entered these giveaways,, first time for everything I suppose # RESISTANCE IS FUTILE. All the best dude


Oz the quote was by Abraham Maslow, shared on twitter by GCXRP..

Thumbs up done, already subscribed....

mariusz malystasiek 

I shared on Twitter and the quote is from Abraham Maslow

Zom Boy 

G'day mate, love from NSW share on twitter. Quote from Abraham Maslow. Keep it up mate. Thanks


Twitter - Abraham Maslow - OZ, I have watched multiple videos by you and each time I learn something. I am very impressed and love getting that ding everytime you release another video.

Da Muss 

Hey Oz, thanks for all your efforts providing the XRP Community with insightful and helpful commentary. Congrats on the ton! You’re one hardcore 1%er. Xrp hodlers will be at the peak of the hierarchy.

Werner Erasmus 

Congrats on the 100 videos! I shared your video on twitter and the quote is from Abraham Maslow. @Werries_

Petras Butkus 

Shared it on Twitter, quote was by Abraham Maslow


Love your content

Gleem Geroche 

100 XRP = shared on twitter - quote by Abraham Maslow

xrp give away 

sir i shared your video on tweeter name- shubhamgop98