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Hello my sweet potatoes! I’m super excited for today’s video because Kyle and I are finally sharing our 23andMe DNA test results!

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Michelle Kanemitsu 

Anybody else love watching 23andMe videos? I love finding out what people are! If you’ve taken the test, share your experience below!

Daisy Wong 

Is your Chinese parent Cantonese? Cantonese and other southern Chinese will show small traces of Southeast Asians (Chinese Dai = Thai).

I honestly thought your Chinese percentage would be higher than 50% because many Okinawans in ancient past traded and mixed with southern Chinese merchants and sailors.

Le Huy-Anh 

@5:25: The *Chinese Dai* are *ethnic Thais* who are *native to China* , stayed there and *never moved to Thailand.* But they're *not really related to the Vietnamese* either, who came from a separate region of southern China.

Freeman Rolle 

Sis You look like you have some European mixture in your DNA ☻ 😁



Don Buri 

Eww cover your mouth. Shit

First Last TM 1999 

Is kyle your boyfriend?

tricia aguirre 

Do you have any family in Hawaii? We have a bakery here in Molokai called Kanemitsu Bakery owned by the Kanemitsu’s

its Ran 

I loved the video💕💕💕

Joshua Carrion 

Are both of your parents Okinawan ?


this is a really funny video 😂

Rig Z 

Yeah you look like a Filipina. Really.

Forrest Lee 

dudeeeee! I put out my 23andme dna test results video the same day as you! thats dopeeee!

and also great video! its so interesting finding out our genetic lineage from an asian american perspective

p.s. i'll never understand the "broadly chinese" or "broadly japanese and korean" or any of the "broadly categories" that displays on 23andme.. its weird

XxxgachaLover Girl 

Hi love ur vids


I love watching these videos! I took the test but wasn’t surprised with my results 😂 I’m 99.9% European and mainly Ukrainian and Italian bc my grandparents immigrated from said places. It’s still so cool to learn that there was probably at least one German or French person in my ancestry though!!

Unifay Adan 

I love this i hope i get to try it sometime too ♡


Yasssss ur the bestttt💖💖💖