The challenge for retailers today is increased revenue year over year, with ever slimming operating budgets. New ideas to keep merchandising designs and store planograms fresh, can make a huge difference. It’s now possible to design with better options… and more affordably re-imagine your retail space, to build smarter. Emagispace® allows you to design and build any type or size of display you want, in any color or design pattern you can imagine, with less labor, less cost—and with reusable, environmentally friendly materials. Emagispace® utilizes a patented, kit-based interlocking building system to create high quality, solid walls, floor displays and backlit shelving. Building new displays or an entire store buildout can now be completed at half the cost and in one-tenth the set up time of a traditional build process. MDF facings create a base for literally any skin design you desire.

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