Renters find cameras hidden in A/C vent at Chandler home


A man is accused of setting up the cameras years ago while he was a tenant in the house. He was allegedly trying to catch his wife cheating and never took the cameras down.


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Peter Ellacott 

He did nothing wrong end of story

king morons 

videos plz ? :)

stooba lemdon 

Whoaaaa creeepppyyy

Steve Luis 

clickbait #fakenews

Eldress Reid 


Eldress Reid 

I've been waiting to do something strange for a little piece of change

Eldress Reid 

can we have sex...?

Eldress Reid 

I love camera if there used for the rite Reasons..but not to spy on people and evade people's privacy

Yolo Swaggins 

LIES! If the guy just wanted to catch his wife cheating, why did he put one in the bathroom?

The Unknown 


tiki torch 

The ad on this video says, "shop air vent spy camera". LOL!


I have these in all my tenants bedrooms and bathrooms

Kieran Lepley 

It should be illegal to use digital video as evidence and why is a camera in the bathroom a problem but not all the millions of cameras outside on buildings and stuff that people have gone to prisons because of. Imagine living like James Grider and you just want a happy life but people are using surveillance to try and get you sent to prison. Aww, you have to check for a camera in the bathroom? Too bad. People have done the same to everyone else in the world where in places where you should be alone you might be watched. We are all supposed to walk around looking up at building walls and under the eaves for cameras and we are told that's a good way to live.

Why Me? 

What a sick dude

Khalid Nour 


It's Me 

Wow my comment deleted

Cece Christian 

ViolatedđŸ”« take this with a gain of salt if you want but I wouldn't