Rental Real Estate HeatMap from RentFax: Screen Investment Deals Using RISC Index Map Overlay


Check out today to find your Real Estate HeatMap! The RISC™ (Rental Income Stability Composite) index is the nation’s only location risk score for residential income properties. In communities across the United States, our proprietary data analytics offers a fast and simple metric for the relative impact that demographics, crime, schools, and other location-based data have on your residential income property investment risk.

In this video I want to show you how to use the map function within RentFax™. What you're seeing on my screen here is I've logged into RentFax™. Up here I want to point out two buttons - these green buttons - one is the reports and maps. These are navigation buttons. Right now the reports is toggled. Here's the maps. Click over to maps real quick and you can see what it looks like. When I click over here I actually have some maps that I've been working on or have recently used. As a new user you will not see this. So I'm going to show you how t...

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Robert P Lutz 

Excellent!  Thanks for the video!  HAYWARD APPRAISERS, Hayward, CA