Renew Cabinet Refacing - From Before to After


This video will show you the process of refacing an actual kitchen from start to finish.

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What is cabinet refacing, and why might it appeal to you?

You'll find differing definitions of "refacing." Some confuse it with refinishing, but that's not the best way to do it. With Showplace Renew cabinet refacing, all doors and drawer headers are removed and replaced, exposed frames and ends are resurfaced with hardwood veneer, and new moldings, trim, accents and accessories are added. Best of all, Renew refacing gives you the option to add entirely new cabinets and accents from the huge Showplace Wood Products offering.

You're just 5 minutes away from having a better understanding of how your Showplace dealer can transform your kitchen, and do it quicker and with less hassle with Showplace Renew cabinet refacing than you would ever expect.

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I love it! Those golden oak cabinets were very outdated.

Wendy Griffin 

I would try this on my cabinets! Great job!

Elaine Richardson 

The video is great for explaining the cabinet refacing process by local dealers/cabinet teams (such as ours in St.Louis). Refacing in most cases is significantly less impacting on the new/experience homeowner because there is no removal of the cabinets. Most homeowners (in my experience) really don't want to throw out ( or waste) their old cabinets - they just want a newer finish and a warmer newer looking kitchen they can be proud of. This saves thousands of dollars and eliminates significant taxes if you were to purchase new cabinets. Elaine Richardson CabinetSolutions-Stl.Com


Those oak cabinets were beautiful before!

Brian Mitchell 

This is good information because I juts recently got a house. The countertops still look good and was thinking about getting new cabinets. I was told that,I should just reface them.


I kinda agree that it looked better before, but that is because the new doors and drawer faces don't match my tastes. Keeping that in mind, I think the cabinet veneer itself actually looked quite good.


Ok this looks like it could be more expensive than just buying new cabinets.


I've always wondered why the interior surfaces (90 degrees from the face) of the stiles and rails are never done. To me, that's what makes the job look half done and cheap.


@ron34786 certainly companies are available to homeowners whose refacing prices will surpass the price of buying new cabinets at certain price-points; it is unlikely that would happen if you work with a Showplace dealer quoting new Showplace cabinets vs. Showplace Renew refacing.

Even so, from a total project-cost standpoint, much of the savings with refacing projects is when counters, flooring, electrical, plumbing are unchanged.

Showplace Renew should save vs. most any other refacing brand.


I called a company out to do this refacing the total est. was more expensive than ordering brand new cabinets doors and drawers.

Hamirah Mobley 

It didn't look better before. This is contemporary.

Hamirah Mobley 

Awesome job!

skike 48 

Yeah it looked better before

hayley wurster 

looked better before


Thanks for showing how it works. You guys did a great job.


Nice work! Cheap and classy!