Rendering Plant Symbols in Marker


This video shows my simple method of adding color to plant symbols when creating a landscape design. To learn more about rendering in marker please visit my post at

Channel:  Lisa Orgler
Abdul Gekko 

hi Lisa .. tQ for sharing your video on rendering Plant Symbols .. i am using Plant Symbol Rendering for Mind Calming device and i've watched many, uncountable number of rendering methods AND ... the one you have shared so far to this humble me is the best BECAUSE your method uses back the same color for its shadows - foolproof. Really cant go wrong there.



& tQ .. take care n i will be subscribing and watching more videos of yours.

Ondřej Slunečko 

Hey ! you are cool, keep up being awesome !


i saw it at pinterest!

it is amazing

Janelle Simmons 

Love your videos!


Hey Lisa, what brand of pen are you using for the black details in ink?