how to remove factory stereo ford f150 2009 and up

Ronald Krulicki 

Great video


Why is it so easy to remove side pannel? Mine is 2010 and having a hard time removing them. Is ther a bolt in there? And how to remove/replace radio display on 2010 f150?

Kris Kelso 

Nose drip at 1:19

Marc Garmin 

Is the process pretty similar if the truck has the factory navigation system installed?

Eddy Q 

Where is the sound?

Mango Chutney 

I'm just looking for a way to eject a CD that my 2014 F-150 swallowed. Are there any videos or tips for that?

J Flow 

helpful video thanks

BrySi - Video Game Songs 

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Alfredo Salazar 

como cuanto bale el esterio ese

jesus martin 

My 2012 Ford F-150 radio works sometimes well and sometimes shots off itself.


How do you remove the hazard control and traction control switch?

Ricardo Delarosa 

if i add a double din jvc 7" inch navigation unit, will my steering wheel controls work and my sync aswell??

Phil Goodman 

When you say "un-clip", is there a tool for that or just with your hands?


Yes this radio can be upgraded, call Metra, they make all the kits and harnesses needed for the upgrade, if you Google Metra car audio the link should show up


Is this radio be upgraded?


Thank you Russell I will put up an annotation on that part of the video. Thanks for viewing

Russell Riego 

Just wanted to add a note to these instructions. On some models there is a 3rd screw behind the AUX/LINE input plate that needs to be removed before the face plate can be removed. Otherwise, great instructions!


That's what she said!! OOOH!! :)


after going back to it i just had to pull it out harder, took some force. thanks for pointing that out lol

joshua ashburn 

how did you remove antenna wire?