reMarkable review for note taking 4K UHD


Many of you asked me on Instagram how it feels to write on the reMarkable, so here we go!

This is a close up about writing on the reMarkable, with some tips.


“Hi guys, today I’ll show you how it feels to write on a reMarkable paper tablet. It is a tablet with a 10.3” monochrome no glass display and 8 GB of internal storage (which is a lot, I haven’t filled half of it yet), but it has only 512MB RAM, which is not bad but more would have helped.

You can choose between three different types of pen, three sizes and three colors: black, gray and white. Above them there’s two versions of pencil, a brush and an highlighter (which has its own colour, lighter than the basic gray). Here I’m using the first type of pen, in the thinner size. For the chapter title I wrote over a gray banner with the second pen (a thicker one) choosing its medium size. I love making important things stand out through different sizes and types of pen.

Here I’m summarizing one of my university book for an...

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Lacee Blue 

very helpful

Courtney D 

Hello, does it convert handwriting to EDITABLE text? For example, after you've written, can it be changed into a word or PDF, transferred to a laptop and be edited? Thank you. I would like to use this specifically for writing.

Doc Dreamer 

Is it black and white when you import files to computer? I am a medical student and have to draw images sometimes with different colors.

Lukas Polig 

Sei italiana?

Yoshua Reece 

I've had my reMarkable for over a year, and i love it! If you decide to make the purchase, use this link for $100 off:


can it change handwriting into text? and print?

Ali Humaydan 

what you think about 13 inch Sony Digital Paper tablet

Hardik Mehta 


I m an accounts professor

I have to draw

Trading account

Profit and loss Accounts

Balance sheet.

Will give one such demo

I have to work simultaneously on 5 pages up and down to post ledger.

What is cost price of this product.

Can it be connected to TV.

Can display be seen on TV of what we write

On real time basis.??

To teach to students on big screen

Pricing is important for me

Please detail answer expected


Isa Bern 

Thanks for the video, it was really useful.

Is it possible to import a pdf file then edit it with the tablet's keyboard? Or can you only handwrite on it?


what no color? how do you read a color book on there ?


What I really wanna know is if you thought it was worth the pricetag cause.......... yeah, that pricetag😅


So how does it look when printed out? Still properly formatted and readable? Is the process of printing out notes simple or cumbersome?

Angela B. Garcia 

i want to cut down on the notebooks i buy for my classes. Tryna be greener and this might be it.


Can you open pdf files and write on it?

Jason Smith 

Add custom reMarkable templates with drag n drop right on your reMarkable tablet.

Lexxie Fabela 

can i go to google classroom on it because my school uses that a lot

david Tirlokhi 

Whats the battery usage like? Just to take down notes in class or at home?

Anastasia ? 

Si può scrivere colorato o solo in nero ?


Thank you for the review! Considering purchasing this for my career and it’s been weighing on me a lot due to the price, but it seems worth it. ❤️

Deepak Babu 

I am planning to buy this product, can you please let me know how is it to draw on this? as I am a bit of an artist so I am planning to use it for drawings. and are the tips easily available and can any other tip be used or it requires a particular?

your answers would be much appreciated.

Rocío Berrade Asín 

Cheers for the video! And nice writing :)

Have you ever tried to take notes on an iPad with the Apple Pencil or something similar? Do you feel a difference on how tired your eyes get or develop headaches?

Thanks again!!


Thanks for the video, I'm really considering To buy one for notetaking In my studies. Going paperless has always been a dream of mine. Can you tell me how much Use u get Per battery charge?


600 euro... ye no thanks

Rares Ungureanu 

You said that you replace the tip after 2 3 months of intensive use, i have read somewhere else that intensive use worns it out after 2 3 weeks. Do you read books on it ?


No eye strain better for note taking than ipad pro or s tabs becuz it doesn't use blue light,download the pdf of your notes ,print with your b&w lazer printer for example then yellow highlight titles &underline points with different colors like red/blue/green best world for notes


Paper 2.0

sleep me 

great vid! thank you!

Leon Idris Azevedo 

Damn! This is so cool. I need one!! Here in Brazil will be impossible to buy, I guess. Not even at it seems to be available :(


Finally a video of someone actually using the device to write notes! Cheers.

Thom Bergstrom 

Grazie per il video. E' stato molto utile per me. La tua grafia e' molto bella. Complimenti.


Com'è la reale fluidità nell'uso quotidiano? Io studio archeologia e i testi d'esame li scansiono per farne PDF, che di conseguenza sono abbastanza pesanti. Senza contare immagini varie.

Leggo in giro che tende al crash e le specifiche tecniche non sono il massimo. L'onyx note costa meno, offre di più, ma ho paura che il feeling sia innaturale. Purtroppo è impossibile provarli di persona qui in Italia, fianco a fianco :(


Hi! Thanks for the well-rounded review! By the way, what song is playing in the background? It's very catchy :D


hi, i have a problem, im from spain and i dont know if i buy remarkable i will have to pay Aduanas too

Carlos de Oliveira Filho 

you should show us the final pdf file!! Pleaseeee?? hahahaha


I bought one thanks to this video. Didn't care about all the fancy features, I just want to hand write page after page like a real notebook. And being able to import what I have already typed up and add notes is a big plus.

Williams Marquess 


Do you think Remarkable can be useable as a Daily Dairy useing,or i should chooise Other product? Btw you writing very beuty :)

tony ali 

Remarkable is ok, but it has competition with the onyx boox note and boox note s and the new Sony 10.3 eink eink reader. Check them out.

Marc Bohn 

Why should I prefer such a reMarkable over an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil? What is better/different?


Can you upload the PDF of your notes?