Red Dead Redemption 2 Stranger Mission - The Smell of the Grease Paint


Red Dead Redemption 2 - The Giant and the Dwarf Stranger Mission Walkthrough \ Guide - "The Smell of the Grease Paint" given by Miss Marjorie

Red Dead Redemption 2 Side Missions Walkthrough Playlist:



0:00 - The Smell of the Grease Paint (Beat Bertram)

5:31 - The Smell of the Grease Paint - II (Find Magnifico)

11:37 - Miss Majorie's show in Saint Denis & Reward


Video recorded on: PlayStation 4 Pro


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0:00 - The Smell of the Grease Paint

5:31 - The Smell of the Grease Paint - II

11:37 - Miss Majorie's show in Saint Denis & Reward

Dutch Van Der Linde 

Reminds me to Simon Metz


Bertram is kinda adorable :( ❤️


Magnifico with that framerate killing smoke XD


*_P.T. Barnum would like to know your location_*


When red dead online customization goes horribly wrong

Drunk Arthur 

Can I do this mission with John?

The Dude907 

The giant remind me Ed from Ed Edd n Eddy


19:35 is that a glitch or rockstar developers forgot to edit this door (ROCKSTAR LOGIC) THEY SHOULD HAVE FAITH!!!!!!!


I pissed myself with laughter when he was beating me up

Arthur Morgan 

What's the coat?

Long Trần Thành 

Someone is gonna wish they have a thermal vision goggle.


Bertram did an oopsie!

The deadlights 

I want me gold


"you should keep that thing in cage"

"you should think about who you're serving! Gimme a beer will ya?"


Roxas Uzumaki 

The show with the midget and the giant wasn't that bad just the ending needed work like how they closed and walked off the stage

Just An Everyday Dragon 

19:35 So we're all just going to ignore the fact he walked through a closed door?

Noa Plays 

Ahh,it's been 3 months and i still haven't completed the game.

I think this isn't a good idea,Dutch.


Shining flame 

Gta Series team, Greetings, i want to Give you an advice i wont really know if it will work but no worries,

so i havent actually watched your video from the Gta San Andreas Series those are one of your best video series So i was like Why dont you guys Bring Back the fame and play Gta V/Gta San/Gta IV And do Like myths and legends and stuff like that because i know you guys, Are so Intellegent. And thank you.

Cosmic Space Bub 

Came here from the Red Dead Redemption beta video where there was a cut side mission with a dwarf and giant and instantly remembered this encounter.

Kent Paul 

ROCKSTAR AND FANS OF ROCKSTAR PLEASE READ THIS. Rockstar I need to ask you please make invite only sessions and make passive mode where we can only kill animals and AI. This free roam lobby nonsense is brutally insane it's more crazy than death wish 3 / the perge. Everyone killing each other. not many are friendly like they used to be and the more we level up and buy everything we need. As soon as they get board it's a blood battle. Nothing worse than when you have pelts and carcasses to sell and everyone is at the nearest town killing or just doing there own thing but I can't trust them just incase and then that's when we get anxious. Even worse if you suffer from autism and anxiety and that goes to other people to they'll know what I mean this game is like Australia everything is against us. Animals, the law, witnesses, the Skinner's, the O. Driscolls and ect we don't need players killing us too. Or are they pink dots for a reason and not white coz we class them as The Pinkerton's 😉

PA_pa_jerry y 

We gotta meme this we need FlyingKitty

Karon Lee 

Look at the top of his head

Stranger Danger Jake 

Red Ded Redemption 2 Series Videos I came here for GTA not this.

Ali Alaamiry 

يشبه حيدر دعدوعة هق هق

W Ck 

Rockstar I need fix at Bug and U leg fly at Blackwater roof THIS GAME IS AMAZING


Arthur beats up a disabled man


Dat weird head in thumbnail

Tuber Simulator 

So if you do this side mission in chapter 3 can you still see their show in chapter 4? I didn’t watch it yet cause I was doing other side quests. and can you also watch margaret’s show (the circus tamer)?

idanos 1611 

I really do hate the “mountain man” hat

jimmy angel 

Your character looks like a badass kinda looks like max paine


I just love this kind of missions when you just can relax and laugh

Christopher Bishop 

Freakin' Schlitzie from that character from the 30's cringe movie Freaks.

Omar Mejia 

That boi (Bertram) is big fella.


Thats lenny from that book


These two characters remind me of the cast from "Of Mice and Men" Lenny and George, they both seem to have relatable personalities.

agent Milton 

It's funny how this mission was removed from red dead redemption 1 beta but still manage to make it to red dead redemption 2

Victoria Queen Of Fashion 

I love this game so much.


Can we do this stranger mission as John ?

Christian Cruz 

Gimme a beer would ya?😂

Uganda Knuckle 

why channel called gta series videos and they be playing red dead. smh

TheVideo Commenter 

I wish they chose a fun circus song for the fight with Bertram. They were probably aiming for it to be creepy but I don't think it fits with the rest of the missions.

PA_pa_jerry y 

He is so wierd that big man with his half damaged head


Can anybody tell me the name of the outfit arthur is wearing in this video?


these little guy is my chemistry teacher and i dont joking he have a lil height lmao

Elijah Carey 

It's the Sloth from The Goonies...


no brain wojak

Cody Krouse 

They should have included a traveling freak show in this game. Would have been so cool. At least for me. I don't know if anyone else enjoys the circus as much as I do. They were rather popular at this time as well.

straightoff 420 



I once worked in a house for the mentally insane and I remember one big ass client biting one of my co-workers hand because he blocked him from a female co-worker.

Everytime a female co-worker came he'll try to kiss them on the mouth.

This made me think of that.