Red Alert 2 Hot keys, keyboard short cuts and techniques

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how do you return the command center to a vehicle when you want to save it from being destroyed?

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how to return Mcv Building into Mcv Lorry once again?

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Gracias matamitos por las tecnicas o tutoriales me ayudaran mucho para ganarte en un futuro eejejje saludos


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I press only D to deploy


You forgot to mention saving screen positions with ctrl+f1-f3 & pressing f1-f3 to focus to the saved views, useful for spying on enemy base activity.


Whattt! YOU G, all these years didn't know about guarding waypoint and some other features! sweet! best game ever IMO

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i cant deploy my building using q.please help me

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Does these shortcuts work in the campaigns please? it doesnt work for me..


so how do you exactly run this game in so smooth 60fps framerate? my campaign gameplay looks like shit comparing to this :(

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Press "P" to select units in that area you see or press double "P+P" to select all units you have.

K for repair

L for sell


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Does this hotkeys also applied in mental omega mod?


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Does it matter where on your keyboard the hot keys are? The normal layout seems random and not intelligently thought out, but I could be wrong?


THNX so useful. I miss this command soo long time.

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knew all but 1 i didn't know... very usefull :D

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what kind of weakling plays as the americans


Ok, good to guildline. But you can custom your shortcut later if you unqualified default shortcut.

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What are the repair and sell hotkeys?

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how to place a beacon

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N is next unit.

D is deploy.


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por el flaite más cochino del mundo yo no sabía que las teclas del computadora sirviese en este juego gracias kikematamito


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Tnx, now after a defeat on yr, i cant use the excuus anymore that i used RA1 hotkeys!!,     ;-)

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Can you make a guide on how to install red alert 2 and yr?

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'y' is useful for selecting veteran units from a group to make the non veterans deliver the last hit with y+s. either 'y' or 'u' i don't remember but i think it's 'y'

and space to teleport to last notification

some prople use 'h' to teleport to home location

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It's useful to set neu hotkeys on Sell (s) Deplou or stop (d), Select all (e), select with hp difference (t) and others.