Rebuilding a Wrecked 2018 Nissan 370Z Nismo Part 2


Rebuilding a Wrecked 2018 Nissan 370Z Nismo Part 2

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In this video I get the frame work done and body panels aligned.

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New channel name " Alex's frame guy rebuilds"


1 million spotwelds later......


6:18 that's one way of degassing the AC, not sure its the right way though. ;)

otto leeverink 

if you got a good part wy pull the wreked part in place?? just drill out the wreked part and put the new part on and see what needs to be pulled in place that way the new part is still stong instead the bend part being reused!

Henry Felix 


MiG Ren E' 

Great job man love your work.


closing in on 100K Alex!

Ryan's V-Twin Vlogs 

Incredible work. Mad respect to these guys. 🤜🏻

D Lux 

The frame guy killed need your own channel.....speed up the work don't make no sense....he actually did 70% of the job....excellent 👍👍


Super video !!!

Eric Zochowski 

WOW,your frame guy is brilliant


I appreciate the vid of actual work being done on the car however, the music or whatever you want to call it is annoying as F--K and quite honestly takes away from the overall quality of the vid! IMHO


frame guy = super skills

wayne duvall 

Ok I have to ask. Why did he just vent the refrigerant out of the ac instead of recovering it? By law he is supposed to recover and reuse or recycle.

Xavier Webb 

Great work, nice production too, but the music?, really? is that level of obnoxiousness really necessary?


I trust frame guy with my life.


Ich hab in den ganzen Videos noch nie eine Achsvermessung gesehen wenn die iwo am Achsträger gerschraubt haben... Naja...


Alex, your frame guy appears to be doing the majority of the work. Why are you dogging it? Another great video, thanks.

David Turney 

I injoy seeing it done rite

Cleiton Fischer 

Bom trabalho / Good job.

Andrew Murray 

What's the frame guys name ? I missed it at the beginning :) Watched him do an awesome job on the Hellcat too :) cheers from Australia :)

Chris Snelling 

Great work and video lets us hear you working instead of the music .

Alexander McCarthy 

Love your work, mate, but the music is bloody awful.

A. Bashe 

nice dog 🤣

sory nice job 😊😅

Tj Davis 

That radiator looks like a b***h to take out....good luck replacing that if need be one

And are you not gonna send a shoutout for your mechanic buddy? This was definitely his part in the series....

Castro Nevic 

very good metall working !

Brian Kelvin Diffey 

Why such crappy and way to loud music ??? dosent fit !!!!!

poop man 

your frame guy is doing all the work! wtf

Kev Rogers 

Kudos to you frame guy, you are one very talented human being. Top work.


That music you wanna call it that needs to go.

Faustino Aspría 

I love your channel....

Edward Dudley 

So after you rebuild them do they still have a salvage title or can you get title that says something else


P.S.Some padding on the fork lift arms will help save damage to car body


Real skill lies with these frame and body guys.Well done!

Robert Bailey 

LOL that strut assembly.


Alex I take it this is the other side from where you work and this is your brother? I see you're in the background and Lucy running around in some of your other vids 🤔

Jacob Popp 

That take some talent there you got one good frame guy.

Scott Schnabel 

Seems odd that the insurance company totaled such a new car.

Spitfire Last 

Is this even legal? Don't they put the wrecked car under massive inspections if its safe to be use outside?

Jon Hutchinson 

Your frame guy killed it again. Excellent job!!

Zephyr Racer 01 

From looking at the damage the owner probably was drifting or a car slammed into the passenger side

Gina Ferrell 

When you do the builds is it for a customer or do you buy these vehicles

Freddie Buckmaster 

Clever young man

Gabriel Peralta 

Good channel but, make zoom where you are working. We need see better.


How long did it take the frame and body specialist?

Rich Eternal 

Hey bro nice job. Where did you buy the front bumper from?

Kassem Larsen 

Good job Alex... please play just normal music without this teenager musik. thanks a lot

Colin Blankenship 

Good build. Thanks for sharing.

Rodrigo Silva 

it's amazing bro!

Jim Clarke 

Excellent work, painting the panels before fitting would be better