RAVPower FileHub Plus, Wireless Travel Router review


This is a good device to have as a backup because it can bring any storage device online or live to your iPhone and Android devices I am happy with this ravpower filehub even though the user interface is slightly dated and underdeveloped

RAVPower RP-WD03 FileHub is NEW upgraded Filehub Plus, 6000 mAh power bank, portable travel router, SD card USB reader and a media streamer. 

1) Supporting to reading USB hard drives up to 4TB and SD/SDHC/SDXC cards up to 256GB. 

2) Perfect for when you need to free up space for Android or iOS devices. 

3) Up to 5 mobile devices can connect simultaneously allowing you to stream media from the SD or USB drives, or you can directly share files between two different storage devices. 

4) As a portable router, you can turn any wired network and make it wireless, or connect it via a DSL or cable modem and it will act as a regular router. 

5) Act as WiFi extender, If you connect it to an existing Wi-Fi network, you can share hotspot access with all your f...

roshan somrah 

So we can see youtube?

A Villa 

Hi, do you know if you can copy items from the SD card to the HDD?


you need to slow down talking about products. just relax dude. some things you was saying I didnt understand, your speaking like you going to run out of time or something!

chill out buddy!


I am a new to ipad pro 2018 user, everything else I own is windows or android. I am looking for ways to have access to tons of various types of files whether it be movies, loops for making music, photo storage, documents etc. Previously I'd just attatch a flash drive or even a harddrive but since none I have work with a ipad I am looking for some tips. from what I have gathered I have to use something like a wireless harddrive or a file hub with my existing drive. Please help with some advice I need to get one by xmas if possible. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Figgy the Electrical Engineer - David Figueroa 

Does it read documents

RYKZ 78 

Can I transfer my movies mp4 from sd card to my iPad Pro with this device??

Michael Buisan 

Do you need Wifi for this to work? I am going to be living in a van and on the move

Claire Redfield 

I don't know how this shit works the wifi sign won't go green!


Which brand & model portable hard drive are you using? RavPower is telling me my Seagate hard drive isn’t compatible with the file hub. Thanks

T Yik 

I was wondering why it did not read the ext hd until I saw your video. So is there any workaround solution? Because I am a Mac user.

Nir Avniel 

Hi, thanks for the video , I really need your help, I have android s9 plus.

Just got the Ravpower filehub plus and its not working as it should !!!

I connected an SD card (also external HDD later on to test) and when I open the app, I see no movies, when I enter to the SD card and then click on a movie file, the player open and immediately throw me out.

can you please tell me how to make it work?

Rpg maniac 

Can this be used to play a wired ps4 connection

Ehab Ghabbour 

Can I play movies from the memory card attached to the ravpower on the smart tv using the tv browser and navigating through the address of the filehub like a computer or I'll need chromecast with it?


Arvin Mañalac 

can i direct plug in my telephone ethernet to this device?and use as my wifi router?


hello Dan

When I go on vacation where there is no internet will this device enable me to stream netflix and use my ps4?? Thanks dan

Judiel Gonzalez 

Can I used it as a weak WiFi booster? Like when you are in a hotel and the same have a weak WiFi signal.

S H 

Please try out the file transfer from sad card to drive as in the current version of the app it seems changed from 2 years ago. Manufacturer does not give clear instructions on how to do this and for photographers would be a key reason to purchase. Thank you

Shuaibu Ahmed 

Can you charge and use at the same time with an external power bank just incase the 6000mah is about to die

Mark Blance 

When setting this up as a router, how difficult is the setup and what sort of options are available?


how long does it take to charge your RavPower for full charge?  And how long does the charge last for you before you have to recharge again?  Do you know if it support Wi-Fi network having 2.4 ghz or 5 ghz?  Do you know what speed it would transfer from being connected to a WD portable hard drive to your laptop computer?  Thanks so much!  Cynthia

Deb Render 

Hey I just picked one of these up a few months back but haven't had the chance to use it yet! Thanks for the tutorial