Rare Walter Hagen swing!


Home movies of Jas. C. Self, Sr. and family of Greenwood, SC from 1920's and 1930's. Walter Hagen shown swinging away during a tournament in Florida. Pictures of Bok Sanctuary, too.

Channel:  Furman Self
Seymore Better 

ok.. let's make one thing perfectly clear.  That song was written in the 50s! About 30 years after Hagen!!  C'mon !! Gimme a BREAK Lets get our musical history in order!!!

What's that you say? No one gives a R-A about the date of the background song?? OH COME ON!!.. alright I admit it, I was being absolutely ridiculous. Otherwise a GREAT VIDEO! And by the way also a great choice in music!

Gail Roth 

I was just watching the Pga championship and I had to look up Walter Hagan and stumbled upon this video! I love it! Good job!

Stuart Hanson 

further apologies. . . . .the photo of him on the roof isnt in New York its on the roof of the Savoy in London. google images Walter Hagen rooftop.

Stuart Hanson 

apologies. . . . . I think he played on five Ryder Cup teams and captained one.

Stuart Hanson 

He won 11 majors when there was only three majors a year and a world war in the middle of his career, he also won the Western Open five times which some would have considered to be the fourth 'major' of its time as the majority of the worlds best golfers competed. He was the first American to win the British Open and captained six Ryder cup teams.

Try and find the picture of him teeing off on the roof of a sky scraper in New York.


Walter Hagen, won 11 major golf tournaments, third only to Jack Nicklas and Tiger Woods. The first professional golfer to win over one million dollars in his career. He is in the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Furman Self 

I haven't been able to identify the other players. I did look up Walter Hagen, and found out he won the Florida West Coast Open about 4 times between 1920-1926...Just not sure what year this was?

older names that come to mind are Varden, Harry Cooper, Jess Sweester, Dynamite Goodlow. Hopefully a golf historian will shed some light on the subject.

Thank you for watching!


Very interesting clips of hagan. I've never seen before; are you able to identify any of the other golfers?

Thanks for posting

steve bourg 

Very cool.....an age gone by. Walter Hagen was a legend.