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Rachel had been working for over a decade on her career, her marriage, and her brand before her career took off. She wrote six books that hardly sold any copies. Her seventh book became a hit.

Her life changed with one viral post that created the momentum for her bestselling book.

Girl, Wash Your Face has over a million copies sold and is growing every week. She is the host of the RISE Podcast and co-host of the RISE Together podcast. She is a mother of four who was named one of the “Top 30 Entrepreneurs under 30” by Inc. Magazine.

She is an amazing example of the power of not giving up.

To learn how to follow your dreams and live for yourself (even if you’re a mom) in Episode 697.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The viral photo that launched Rachel’s career (7:30)

The question that Rachel gets asked the most by moms (25:08)

What Rachel believes is th...

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I LOOOOOOVE how honest she is about her jealousy and her ego!!!

I love that she is honest enuf to talk about how she feels since her husband came on board and how her success influenced him and the struggles he had gone thru. I love that they worked thru it and became stronger and didn't walk away from each other. These are the examples we NEED so desperately in society!!

Wow! Really one of your best interviews!! Thank you both so much!!

Linda Schafer 

I resonate with this interview so much! Rachel could have been watching my life and had been talking about me. That’s how much she hit home and was on point for me and my life! 😅 I really needed to hear this!

Exotic Expression Dance Fitness 

Too mind blown to give a great response, but holy sh*t you are so on point! I am going to listen to this several times and take notes. FANTASTIC insight.


So powerful so awesome thank you!

Laura Ncube 

This was so captivating. Learnt soo much

Darris B. Nelson 

Rachel is nearly half my age but I enjoy her energy and message. I've had her book on my wishlist since it came out ... today I'll buy! People resonate with raw honesty ... we can see through the BS. It would be great if Rachel's message rubbed off on Lewis ; ) Great interview - thanks Lewis.

Jane Stoller 

So relatable! :)

Mahsa Joyce 

This sooo great! Love Rachel - what a boss lady! More of this please!

Kawana Mullins 

Thank you so much. This interview touched on everything i'm experiencing at this point of my life.

T S 


Jenea Wilson 

I want a community like this so happy I found this interview my dream is to be a big part of personal development and I dont know how I just know it will be my reality; dream mastermind with Rachel Hollis Gabby Bernstein Mel Robbins omg the possibilities this was a great real talk interview thank you

Jenea Wilson 

This was so helpful on so many levels for me; as someone who thinks about getting her book complete every day and although I don't have the huge following I love and show up daily for those that I do have with so much gratitude for finding my passion and purpose in personal development and finally overcoming so much trauma anxiety PTSD survivor of domestic violence and so much judgment from others hearing the factor that you found your success even without the huge following you still showed up despite of the hardships you still went on; my father biggest lesson taught me at 17 never rely on anyone except yourself and I am 34 single mama proud to help others move forward daily to create our life truly as desired without worry of anyone else; your book inspires me to write a little more every day and no longer needing medication to function im free and I know I have everything inside of me to make this daring to dream bigger daring to lead my own way; thank you for Girl Wash Your Face t

Julie Balderas 

Loved this so much!!

Becoming Unique 

I absolutely love your podcast. I’m tuned in every Tuesday! Please check out my YouTube channel because I talk all about you in my 2019 podcast and book suggestions video! I hope you can check it out 🙏🏾🙌🏾

Soulshine Boutique 

Excellent stuff...Rachel is definitely a coach and not a cheerleader! Love it! xo

Trisha Taylor 

Good share ...yah...yah...yah...totally...totally...totally....like...like...like

Trisha Taylor 

According to Dr. Caroline Leaf...yes we are all wired differently...that's what makes us all uniquely us.


Mike Woeckener 

As a man, insight into and amazing, successful, and powerful woman, priceless... Lewis, thank you for your authenticity and bringing out the authentic side of this guest.


FANTASTIC book, great read, common sense, for many different people...you are enough and show up, keep at it...thank you very much to Rachel and Lewis, another great podcast. Rachel, really enjoying and learning and growing from your book THANK YOU!! God bless.

Jan Jan 

Is Rachel wearing a Lady of Fatima medal?

Career Outcomes Matter 

I get that he skipped the line however he was your angel investor all those years before when you invested all your income in your business and he kept the family well-resourced. However, I totally get how it could feel like a bait & switch situation just when it was getting good. I also get how you felt slighted on that personal dev trip. The struggle is emotional and right now I guess I'm sharing my rational justifications for David's CEO spot...hopefully since this interview it's gotten easier....and your marriage stronger.

Rebecca Freiria 

Omg this video is sooo amazing! Thank you so much I needed it!! Thank you Rachel for being such an amazing and strong woman (and inspiring others) but yet still a woman/wife of God!

Tim Town 

Wow, what a great interview and so much energy. I think she's unstoppable! Another great interview Lewis...

Caroline Rodwell 


Anna Branka Perusina 

please i am just single mom

kitzia salgado 

any one hear the husky howling in the back? <3


The only true way to happiness and success is to look to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, not to ourselves. HE gives us our strength. If you need guidance, don't count on Rachel Hollis. Don't let her teach you how to DEMOTE GOD and DEIFY YOURSELF. There's a great book that I recommend, and guarantee will give you ALL the guidance you need: It's called the Bible. The last days are upon us, and HELL IS REAL. Don't get it twisted.

Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

  2 Peter 2:1-3 1But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign LORD who bought them-bringing swift destruction on themselves. 2Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. 3In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their des

Me Me 

Heard a lot about the book and didn’t think I’d like it as much as I did, didn’t think I would resonate with it. Great read! I’ll join the thousands that highly recommend Girl, wash your face.



Mercado Mom Vlogs 

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.” Jon Acuff

Casie Moe 

Yes, Rachel, where is that community of women?? That group that you can go shoot a gun with and connect in that way? Who can I be following (besides yourself and Mel Robbins, as a couple examples) that is the foundation of a group like that? Any suggestions?

Rachel Wamwere 

It's is amazing that you are very honest and open about feelings that we too would feel, were we in your situation! Acknowledging those feelings is everything

Bregendhal Lastra 

"You're allowed to have a dream for yourself that doesn't involve these babies" -- Absolutely love that! Her book is on my list to read this summer!!!!

Raquel Pereira 

I like her. I do not like her husbands vibe though


I hope she helps a lot of people. Her approach is akin to a very gentle introduction to feminism for women who continue to cling to traditional gender roles. Personally, I've always thought it was ridiculous (and funny!) when asked their occupation, some women proudly announce "I'm a Mom!", like congratulations are in order for successful breeding. (So what? Do you do anything else? Have any hobbies? Who are *YOU* exactly, besides a parent?) "Mommy" and "Wife" shouldn't be someone's sole identity, but sadly, for many women it is. Those women need to get out of the 1950's, refuse to be infantilized, and start on a path to self-realization. (Not to mention, you're dragging the rest of us down.)

Millisa Pedersen 

Great book! Really enjoyed it and Shared with many

Rhonda Loftis 

What I dont understand is she says to her "followers" "stop reaching out to a stranger on the internet...and fix your own life..." sounds a bit contradictory seeing how she puts herself out on the internet to "build" a following to make money...

elvan savkli 

Oh and Ilove how she talks. I myself love talking with fast energy and my brain works fast. However the culture i am coming from is not allowing to express myself this way. And after living in North America ,this is extremely hard for me. I ow envy her.

elvan savkli 

I am very happy being alone .But love is something else. I think we need to see ourselves from other people's eyes. I know it sounds like low self esteem but we need good feed back. Especially women.

donna burney 

I just keep going!

Pokemon’ Pro Kid 

This is very interesting. I think people saw Rachel as giving them permission to do that stretch mark pics. I have stretch marks on my belly after having 3 kiddos but I for myself dont want to put my pics out there. I dont care what others think but for me I dont want to.

Betty Wormsley 

Rachel your signature your book your story

Soni Mar 

I wanted to like this podcast, but she wouldn't stop talking and wouldn't let him finish his sentences. Ahhh! Couldn't finish watching this.

Stephanie Bogart 

Her book reviews on Amazon were kind of meh. A lot of people said she says Christian but doesn’t act that way. I kind of get that now. I’m not sure where she is in her relationship with Jesus but I noticed she used the unequally yoked passage in a way I’ve never heard. I’ve always known it to mean (and heard it preached) that one person is a believer and the other isn’t. I did like her honesty though.

Addy Gendreau 

Wow this is so amazing

Daliah B. 

I can't seem to get through this book because of number of religious (Christian) references. It stops me from being able to relate

My whole Life 

Allow yourself to dream Big:) be REAL!! Thank you so much Lewis I can't Thank you enough for letting us a part of your AMAZING Journey!!!

Vani Maduray 

Wow. The way she speaks so honestly takes my breath away. My mind is completely blown - the way she explains everything is so brilliant. Love this and I'm definitely going to be watching this several more times


I LOVE HER!! She is unapologetically her and I LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT!

Terri Lomax 

Amazing interview as always, Lewis. I really appreciate Rachel's transparency and authenticity. <3