Quit my job today...


Knew it wasn't going to last when on my second day there I had a decent size sweetgum to remove, asked for a porta-wrap, block, and bull rope, and was handed a climbing rope only.

I wasn't clear in the video. The accident happened about 2 years ago in a different tree. The second tree I'm in when I recap the story was next to the tree I just came out of. Was just taking out the limb over the arbor vitaes. I kept working on the job until the weather moved in, called it quits at that point.

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Attitude Adjuster 

It takes Real Balls to listen to your Voices, too often we do things to help out or go a bit further and all the time the voices inside of you are screaming, Listen to the Voices and have the Balls to say no when you know in your Gut not to do it because it's tougher to follow that then to just risk your life as you are already doing it, it's easy to make comments from the Arm Chair and keyboard warriors but they are never in the tree with you and they are never the one taking the ride, Here is Aus we had an amazing Climber who was methodical and he missed one little thing in the stump and his First cut collapsed the whole tree and killed him, Young, Brilliant, Young Family and the Most decent Guy that had everything going and one tiny mistake cost all that, So I say to the Keyboard warriors, I will see you up the next tree and you show me how its done otherwise SHUT THE FUCK up.

Brandon thomas 

Too many bosses don't care cause they can just hire someone else. And it's mainly cause its not their ass sitting in the harness in a rotten tree.

Walter Baker 

Any Employer that expects employees to takes risks for the sake of keeping profits high and costs low , is not a reliable business to work for , they only care about the all mighty dollar , wouldn't be me to risk my life , DGAF what the boss says , end of the day my life is work more than some fkn jackofff , I'd tell him straight out , you do it

Justin Archuleta 

I wouldn’t work for a boss like that either...jeez. Good job.

Clint Stathis 

Could have used one of the healthy trees next to that one to tie into. Seems like he just wanted an excuse to quit, probably didn't like the boss anyways.

Steve Durr 

I have a saying on my tree crew we go home at night so do it the hard way the safe way

Eric Harrower 

Good call

BERGY Baxter 

Good call MR. HUMAN🤠👍

eduardo oquendo 

Dude That's nothing I have done worse trees you do what you have to do to pay the bills

ZiggiesAquatic Exotics 

More human then human more human then human more human then human !

Tim Henry 

No balls.


Trust your gut

Tyler Sutton 

Control your mouth when on a job. You sound like a little fucking pansy bitch i hate working with pussys like you. i free climb up fucking trees higher than your in with my fucking boots on. Just fell the tree anyway why the fuck are you climbing it? If you have any skill at all you can fell that rotted weightless tree with the available space.

Lorne H 

I'm a crane operator and I fully understand man. I just walked of a jobsite for unsafe conditions. Keep your head up and be safe brother...

James Cain 

Correct call. One question could you not anchor into one of the neighbouring trees and then section it down ?

Milky J 

If a “boss” can’t bid a job where he can make money AND keep his employees safe, he’s in the wrong business.

In my book, customers pay more for dangerous jobs, mainly because of the level of equipment and thought that goes into the job. Tree needs to come down with a bucket truck? Guess what? We rent a bucket truck and the customer pays for it. Bam.



Aaron Abney 

Never kill yourself for a job that will post your job faster than the news papers print your obituary

Kevin McKinley 

There is a reason why many companies use a crane. Why that tree is still standing is a miracle.

Daniel Nordin 

Well, that cocksucker for boss can go suck some big juicy dick. He can go ride it to fucking disgusting piece och fucking dogshit for a human.

Daniel Nordin 

Well, that cocksucker for boss can go suck some big juicy dick. He can go ride it to fucking disgusting piece och fucking dogshit for a human.

Echo 1 

We should get the name of the company and location.

Richard Cook 

You're worth more than any tree!

Alex Matthews 

Couldve padded the drop zone and dumped that nasty thing, it would've blown up anyways when it hit the ground. Really though that boss has prob never been in a good tree let alone a pos like that. When I started out I got nasty jobs too but theres always a safe and a risky way to do anything have to make the right call.

Jeffrey Grossman 

Good man

tree trimmer82 

I am a tree trimmer have been for 13 years and i would not have risk it i would have climbed in the good tree beside it with my pole saw and tryed too cut the tree down from the side of it i know the fence was there but i could have did it


You don't need to work for a c*ck sucker like that anyway.


If anyone can help me here I REALLY appriciate it. I'm interested in pursuing a career as an arborist like Human does...but my family thinks it stupid. It's not demanding, salary is not good, no employment(especially in the winter) and so on. I'm asking anyone who done this...is it true? I live in Canada, Toronto. If that helps.

I honestly don't want to disapoint myself. I think it's cool and interesting. But it's very frustrating to decide. Cause of trouble. Thank you for all your help.

P.S I searched this up in every way in the Internet. But no luck in finding it.

J B 


T Byrd 

I wish there were subtitles


Don't blame you one bit, buddy. Good job

Stephen Cepeda 

You go dude. Fuck his lake house. Your wife and kids need a father and husband. Im a commercial plumber and i have to deal with this nonsense as well

Jan Geirnaert 

Good point

Derek Rudkin 

With your experience, Knowledge, & how you take upon safety I doubt you’ll have trouble finding another company

koolass koolass 

People love giving their body parts and lives for some shit ass job. Even i made 900k a year on a job I'm not giving up the tip of my finger for shit.

Gideon Van Bekkum 

Just set it on fire. I will bring you marshmellows


Looks like buddy is gonna have to wait for a big wind storm to fall the tree

Ineson Industries 

Everyone here broke with no job trying to reassure them self with safety first 😂😂😂

BENJAMIN Enriquez 

Someone is going to shoot the fucker sooner or later.

Sooner Keith 

You should start your own company. I'm with you though, you don't put anything above safety. Seriously, start your own business (if you haven't already, I'm a new subscriber).


That requires a crane

No rope will hold on a decayed tree


Fuck your boss!!! All he does is sit back and collect his money. It's your ass on the line, literally. I always refuse to do dumb stuff for ignorant people. One time our boss made us stock 5/8 12 foot Sheetrock in a basement with no lights or power at night when I was a kid. We all started a mutany and went lord of the flys on his ass we all quit 8 guys in one night.


Dude you sound like john cena lol

Capt.Symbi Knull 


alexander ginebra 

I don’t understand what is happening


I'm no expert but I think that tree needs a boom truck.

Alex Cannon 

500 people who disliked this video know nothing about the risks of climbing or get upset that tree guys swear like everyone else.

Jason Logan 


Jim Earnest 

A bucket truck was needed for this tree,that's the only way I would ever get near it.

Levi Fromme 



Gotta love working for sociopaths.