Putting Weird Things Through A Water Filter #2 (TEST)


We're putting more weird things through a water filter! GMM #1405

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Thomas the DANK Engine 

Put things in a carbonator to make things like milk soda and kitchen grease soda

Madison Ruchel 

How do they have such great hair?



MGTay WildYT 

Id drink that entire bottle of lemon juice, SOUR!!!! YESS!!!

Matthias Wayman 

yes i have

Skitzoid Coder 

11:17 the savages putting the names up. wow

Black Catfish 


Jaime M 

Why did they drink pig’s blood?

Echo X 

11:53 to 11:57 link went from 0 to 100 real quick😂

C C 

Is links hair dyed? Or just old 😅


Anything in a shitty 2002 blender

Zach Byrd 

"We did something to make water better!"

Well... I think you filtered it.


Someone's Side Channel 

Hey anybody know what the mythical pomade smells like

Someone's Side Channel 

I can't believe you guys didn't aerate your wine

TJ Ruskin 

You should try urine.... to see if it takes out all the impurities and turns it back into water...

Cassandra Sparks 

When he mixed the pigs blood with the Rockstar I actually gagged so hard I almost vomited.

That's some dedication right there.

Ella Brown 

Rhett looks like wolverine when he used the hairspray

Josh Peterson 

Tomato juice would be interesting through a filter, as would a milkshake from any major fast food chain.

Tucker Fleming 

I cringed a little when they poured the wine

New episode idea learning how to properly pour beverages

Brightons Friend 

Here’s a video idea. Can you tell the really really expensive painting/art piece from the just really bad worthless painting/art piece.

Seth Ogden 


Seth Ogden 

concord grapes are purple

Captain Awkward 

That filter is pretty impressive, but alkaseltzer was obvious. It's a mixture not a solution

Goon Squad 

Put a dozen eggs in a microwave for 10minutes

Emoily Bandlover 

Can we talk about in little moments and parts of the video Rhett reminds me of Bob Ross talking in a calming voice just the same? Am I the only one who hears it?


Sound like stupid idea and I like it 😆

Thomas Prescott 

Do Americans drink pigs blood or something? Genuinely curious......... In the UK we fry it into a sausage


Microwave some stuff! Carefully...

Evan Makowsky 

I like lemons.🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

Luis Escobar 


nugget king gaming 

Cow bold

Kaden Cappelletti 

Do a will it blend or a will it smoothie

Kaden Cappelletti 

I’m a kid

Carlos Rosario 



WHY WOULD YOU DRINK THE PIG'S BLOOD???????????????????????????????

Ayla Andrews 

Imagine if link tries absinthe


Ok so what about cow blood?


"What's naturally purple?" Eggplants and red onions.

Shelly Schalk 

You should put a kitten in a blender!

Florian Schorsch 

Put, whatever, in a centrifugal force machine!


Put egg nog through the filter next

Riley Blackford 

Put water in the filter

david field 



Put pickles in a juicer

SpaceBat StuckonEarth 

Can we filter urine back to water ?

"The Survivalist choice of hydration"

A Mandable 

Things in Things: Alka Seltzer Edition!

Michael Deitz 2nd channel 

Siracha / Frank's Red hot


Urine please

Help. E Hhbv 

I love eating lemons how dare you nobody likes doing that 😂

Vlad Bezhenar 

You guys should try putting weird liquids through an air hydrator, or an essential oil diffuser.