Putting together Titan Fitness T3 rack


What wrench do you need to set it up?

Kevin Wright 

Dude you have the same set up as me plates and all. Still waiting on the last box for the rack. Had some logistical errors on Titan's part. But they are standing by their product can't wait to use the rack. Awesome video man!

Lee VanCleef 

Dude THANKS for this video...and saying you need 15/16 wrench or socket...I watched this vid...but still asked Titan and they told me 5/8...I just got my rack delivered yesterday and it is 15/16...glad I listened to you and went out and bought a 15/16 wrench and socket Thanks!

Domingo Reyes 

Where did buy yours at I can't find the t3 for 310 no where only the t2 short

Vilheime Harbort 

Nice video bro . one thing one of the legs u put backwards lol! I notice it .

David Gomez 

Did the rack come with the safeties or did you purchase them separate? Thanks


I have a pair of T series squat stands. For the price, very impressed with them.

Kevin Clayton 

Nice! I just put mine together last night. This "budget" rack is a serious upgrade from what I did have and I'm really looking forward to using mine.

Sal Ban 

Looks good,I got something similar (ROGUE R-3 POWER RACK),been looking on accesories from Titan but not sure the holes are the same,Do you know if the bolts on your rack are 5/8 or 3/4 thanks in advance

L M 

I am 5 feet and 8 inches tall. I am thinking of offering the T3 short like yours, except 36 inches deep. Can you tell me if the chin up bar will be sufficiently tall for my height? Also, do you find any side to side wobbling issues with the unit? Thank you.

Franky Silver 

Hey might be a stupid question but in what order did you use the bolt, spring washer, and regular washer?


Got one; love it! Very well built. The price makes the deal that much sweeter.


It doesn't look like you bolted it down so I was just wondering how sturdy is it?

B Zolynsky 

Now that you've had the rack for a while, how do you like it?

I'm going between the Titan T-3 36" HD and the Rogue R-4.

Looking for some legit advice.

Ethan Tran 

BTW - Are those horse stall mats your are using under your rack? I like your setup! Thanks, Ethan.

Ethan Tran 

Thanks for the video. I ordered the same one except mine maybe 36 inch depth. I was wondering what accessories you have used so far with the Rack that you have found invaluable. I was thinking of getting the spotter arms as i heard its easier to change up then the safety bars. Lastly, what barbell do you have? Does it have a center knurl for your squats? Thanks!! Ethan.

Ryan Lhotka 

That's not the short one is it?


just ordered one, looks great for the price!