Public vs Private Companies - What's the difference between a public and private company?


what is the difference between a public company and a private company? what is a public company? what is a private company? what are the pros and cons for a public company? what are the pros and cons of a private company? how does the stock market work and what is the difference between a public and private company is what we talk about in today's video! Enjoy and dont forget to like and subscribe for new videos every Monday at 9am eastern!!!!

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Clive Wasilin 

thank you! very helpful!

Holly Duggan 

OH MY GOD this actually helped so much!!! THANK YOUUU

Blaire Yon 

Really good video. Thanks

Laurel Donnelly 

Good video but the background music is a bit distracting

Anhad Singha 

It's swiss bank a private company?

furqon lanang 

Clear and understandable :D

Terje Oseberg 

You didn't mention anything about the 2,000 shareholder limit, and what that means. It's my understanding that a stock could be delisted making it a private company, but if there are over 2,000 shareholders, the company is still regulated by the SEC. Do they then still have to file quarterly reports? Is the company actually private just because it was delisted? Or is it still public? Is there a limit on the type of investors? What about the new rules about non-accredited investors being allowed to invest in startups? Are those startups then public companies?

There are probably a lot more questions and issues that I can't think of, but would love to know about.

Thubelihle Nxumalo 

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After seeing this video it finally made "click"! Very helpful


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Classic World 

Searching to get more about public sector reforms...........

Jax Avery 

Good job! Great content but you just need to speak clearer and faster. Great video!