Provisional Patent Applications & Non-Provisional Applications - What's the Difference?

Lourdes Rodriguez 

how much to fie for a non-provisional patent yourself.


What do you mean by "claims"?

Tavares Boykin 

This guy sounds depressing

Dugagjin Dervishaj 

how long does it take to get the patent isue after the patent is pending,

Victoria Chen 

If you file a provisional patent application, does that count as filing first according to law?

Rolando Guerzo 

Hi, I live in Hong Kong and I want to apply for a Provisional Patent in the USA. But I have a question. If I applied for a PPA in the USA do I still need to apply for PPAs in other countries like Australia, Europe, China, etc? And does one Provisional application in the USA enough to buy me time and protect my invention worldwide and give me the "right to claim priority" until I apply for a non-provisional patent within a year? Thanks!

Peter Boyadjian 

You forgot to mention the really important process. Converting from a provisional ppa to a non-provisional patent. That is why the names are so similar, it is a 2 step process. It looks like I'm going to have to make the video. ;)

Nagaraju kuruva1206 

how can i trust a patent attorney. is there any chance he can steal some one's idea in the pretext of for drafting.

Cosmo John 

Why is it that patent agents are allowed to use company database to search for prior art pertaining to his invention?

Arnold Rivers 

So I think I understand what you're saying with the provisional patent in that your idea isn't protected yet but you have the first foot hold in the patent office to get a non-provisional so even though other people can copy your idea for the time being, after that year if you file a non-provisional application then they can no longer make your idea without your consent


I think a PPA is great for a re-patent and new development of a new design.

 Than to file a non-ppa and pay more money for denied application.  What do you think?

Keith Lane 

So what good does it do to have a PPA when you really do not have any protection? you have a PPA someone sees the idea and you are out of luck because you do not have a full patent to enforce a lawsuit.