Process: Customise Vintage Clothing with Midwest Hong Kong


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Fron Villa 

So the shirt is Tommy Ralphiger now?

Alan Chung 

no depth in his voice. needs to man up and speak louder.


Absolutely zero charisma

Anthony - 

Erics a s*ck muhfcker, host get out. Hong Kong rules bruh!

luis ivan 

Booooiii, that dude just destroyed that shirt, rare vintage tommy and then the guy decides to put a POLO logo on it and fuck it up with the stripes. Come on mannn!!! Dont do him like that


Midwest Vintage is cool!

Also awesome that they source from El Paso. I'm live and from Texas and have traveled to El Paso for work several times, big military base there.


We're trying to be like them & they're trying to be like us

Jabin Chen 

Yeeesss! Ambrose is finally back! Thanks for the follow on insta too.. lol

K. Cielica 

Is it vintage Tommy Hilfiger or fuckin Ralph. They went full retard in this

Beauty And The Bear 

That shirt was dope. Wish I had all my old clothes.

Disinfecting wipes 

This is the type of shit I like to see.… side note y'all bitches need to speak up, mad quiet and shit


audio game weak


the host is fucking retarded fire him already!

Phu Tran 

No offense but can you speak louder in your video?


Nice episode, the host really gotta improve his Chinese. It's sounds so awkward every time he tries to speak it.

Sam Smith 

Was this filmed in a fucking library?


very cool

Pro Habits 

Ducks with the pieces