Priscilla Presley on "First Person" - June 29, 1991

tanya davis 

❤️ her!

Diane Hayse 

Good for you Priscilla,you showed their asses. And,you are a good actress and business woman too. RESPECT YOU SO MUCH!!!

Mary Montano 

She never said anything while Elvis was alive. Now she has a diarrhea mouth.


Lisa was not 14 when he died, or when Vernon died. You'd think she could get basic facts right.

Lisa Lund 

Priscillas hair looks horrific here.

Francisca love 

I think she is a strong woman and Elvis would be proud because he loved her so much.


I can't help but like Priscilla, she's done nothing wrong! She was so funny in the Naked Gun films, a natural comedienne! I think she would have still been beautiful had she aged naturally, can't believe she mutilated her beautiful face to what it is today!

Megan quayier 

she has bad looking after Elvis she mentioned she were under control so what kind of control she left many nights Elvis home during married !many days left her daughter alone lizard Maria she been with other men dance teacher Mike Stone funny things always attached her CAREER with Elvis name , money why and why didn't own her new way after Elvis divorce just she is fake women dishonest


One of the most beautiful women who has ever lived.. We're talking Cleopatra, Priscilla Presley and... Hmm.. Ok one of the two most beautiful women who has ever lived! :-)


She named her son Navarone. (Nav- ( Aron ) choose Elvis middle name.

ruby jean rubyjean 

Priscilla abandoned  .. Elvis .... Just when he Needed Her ... That's not to say ..  She Didn't  Love him .....

In Hindsight......

You Don't Know What You've Got ....... Till It's GONE .......Poor Cilla

Bella Grace 

She's more woman than I could ever be. We all love Elvis, but she has received so much negative press because she was married to an Icon and left him to find herself and to get the kind of love every woman wants. A man who is faithful and doesn't shelter her, allows her to be herself and wants her when the lights go out. She has honored Elvis even to the end in her 70's. She truly has shown nothing but class and deserves the utmost respect. Priscilla your a class act in my book.

Ron Young 


Veronica ferreira alves 

acabaam com a cara linda dela ficou horrivel depois d plastica que pena

lyn ells 

She didn't have talent from what I saw on "Dallas". She got the role because of her connection to Elvis even though it was after his death. She made a killing from his music and death. His daughter, Lisa Marie, too. Her singing isn't that great ! Lisa Marie sold the rights to Elvis music, etc. a few years back. You knew that relationship was doomed with Elvis from the start. Too young and Elvis' life style. ! He was use to having all the women he desired and was controlling. Most women couldn't have lived that way no matter how they fantasized about it. I never did. I loved his music and a couple of his movies but his lifestyle I didn't. I think he was unhappy in the end. The prescription drugs did him in.


Any idea why she is recording dialogue at 8:20? Isn't the dialogue recorded while filming the actual scene?

Sandra Weichbrodt 

No place to click on like or dislike on these posts, after awhile, but the proof is, she is still living, HE ISN'T!!! her clothing stores, (women and children's, they both BOMBED , FOLKS) AND SHE WASN'T TO USE HIS NAME, AND DID STEAL IT BACK FOR $ AFTER HE DIED. SHE CLEANED OUT ONE CALIFORNIA HOME ELVIS HAD, BECAUSE LISA WAS TOO YOUNG TO CARE ABOUT IT, AND IF pris WANTED TO PUT ' ELVIS EVERYTHING' BEHIND HER, --WHY DID SHE GO OVER TO THE HOUSE AND CLEAN IT OUT OF ANYTHING SHE THOUGHT WAS WORTH ANYTHING, AND KEEP IT ALL UNDER GLASS IN HER OWN HOME! and if she wanted to live a normal, ----what she called normal life, ----why did she remain in Hollywood? yeah ,where everyone is normal,? more like a fast lifestyle, wild parties, day and night, drugs? and drinkin?--the life style she screamed she was a VICTIM of, she continued . !!! that's the facts!!! and if she wanted normal, and blamed elvis for having so many people around him constantly, why did she hire maids, butlers, chauffe

NYC girl 

Why the gloves Pricilla??? You don't want to touch us mortals ??

John Steelman 

Why didn't Elvis and Priscilla  have more children , seemed like they  should have .

Elvis Chick 

maybe those "doors" were closed because she didnt have talent.......and was just a curiosity

Me Dad And Friends 

That 90's haircut tho!!!


She is real fucked up in this vid, totally different than the time she made the special about graceland in 1984, she was pretty at that time and charming.

Here in the vid she has ugly short hair and she acts very manly and hard.

Not nice at all.


Priscilla is awesome. I love her.

Butterscotch 78 

mike stone your soulmate villa..mike stone. cilla


She was and still is very beautiful and charming woman !



Curtis Moffett 

Beautiful woman. Fit for a King for sure


she was not 16 she was 17 in March due to turn 18 in May when she moved into Graceland. I hear 15, 16, some get it right at 17.


wow it s very sad to see what people think of Elvis and Priscilla-read a few BOOKS PEOPLE!!!

Connie Rivera 

I absolutely agree with you!

Elura Truthful 

she is ok as an actress, it was a good thing she does comedy cause after the elvis situation I think they wouldnt take her seriously..

 As far as the estate if vernin trusted her with it , than who am I to put my 2 cents on it.

christina slay 

dont make elvis the bad guy here.. priscilla did wanted too be a movie star and be a model..elvis always told her too turn it down..and yes priscilla was just a trophie wife for elvis..they never got along..because elvis didnt know how too love some one that  young.. she knew who elvis was..she wanted too meet him when she was in germany..all she was just a fan..she didnt want any other females around elvis..and if she did..she would cry about it and get jealous..elvis tried too send her away but she wouldnt go away...vern elvis dad and elvis agent parker liked her..elvis really didnt..the only thing that made him happy was lisa..and i just think her and elvis was just freinds no love-attraction there..and i also believe elvis was just being nice too her and she took it too far with it was her own fault getting in too his life style she couldnt handle..elvis was still in love with anita wood and anne margret..and she found out about it..all she does is laugh it off..she thoug

christina slay 

ok.if she was at peace with her past. why does she still go there after the touring is done for the day?. she still goes back.  i understand lisa does she owns it. i hope lisa gets all of what her dad earned and not her mom. she really acts like she was controled by elvis the way she acts. because if elvis was alive now and they were still together he wouldnt let her act that way..

Jackie Love 

She didn't wait until after his death to steal it back. The name was given back to her by Vernon Presley when he put put Priscilla over the Estate. It was all wrote up in Vernon's will.

Jackie Love 

Priscilla didn't give up the name while he was alive. Elvis took the Presley name from her. It was in the divorce settlement that the name was his and she could no longer use it and she wasn't aloud to profit from the Presley name for personal gain. That's the reason she stopped using it.

Saphire Blue 

Priscilla did not say they never had sex again, just less often. And although Elvis had a lot of girlfriends there is really no proof that he had any real affairs while they were married.

dodie bishoff 

Elvisleft her NOTHING in his will..Whats that tell people......shes a phony and a greedy woman..

dodie bishoff 

Thank you for the truth George..we have to tell the truth the way it was, not how Priscilla wants it remembered....

dodie bishoff 

Actually they approached her..she wasn't that smart..Selling Elvis anything to put money in her pocket...Elvis would never have wanted her selling little trinkets AND HAMBURGER JOINTS ACROSS FROM GRACELAND..SHE WAS WORRIED ABOUT HER OWN LIFESTYLE......

dodie bishoff 



Priscilla would not have been executor of Graceland if she never knew Elvis. I think the deserves alot of credit for hiring smart people to help her manage the estate, but the truth of the matter is she is not a great actress. She does better at comedy than drama. She was great in the Naked Gun movies, but I've seen her on the show DALLAS, & it's hard to take her serious in a scene whenever she's upset or mad.

Saphire Blue 

"Ive said all there is to say" . Translation: Now that I've made myself rich and famous by using Elvis, I'd like to put him behind me."

Saphire Blue 

She has always been absolutely shameless about using Elvis. When she was married to him, waiting out the time when she could get a big settlement, then using him to the max after he died, and will forever!!!


Well she banked a buck and then some on the Presley name. It did give her a very comfortable life. I understood admission at Graceland is $50, maybe more today. Someone did give me the Moments lotion as a present many years ago and I had bought the other perfume for someone as a present that she came out with.

Robin L Gentry 

Priscilla was very much in love with Elvis any body that says she was there for the money are crazy. I think shes done a great job..


DO not judge WOMAN in most of cases especially when husband is king of rock SHE IS A VICTIM:))....i can understand her a lottt


i guarantee you she kept his name to use as a stepping stone for her career. I assure you she wouldn't be where she is today had she never married Elvis.

Yesseli Viscardi 

the day i was born. lol

Callum Heggie 

what episode of naked gun was that

Björn Borg 


And, we don´t now that?