Premium Entry with Virgin Australia and Velocity Frequent Flyer


From kerbside to lounge in seconds. When departing from Sydney, Gold and Platinum Velocity members enjoy the luxury of valet parking, before gliding through our exclusive security screen point into the lounge. Coming soon to Brisbane. Join Velocity today:


Who is the model??

Perth Traveller 

Is there bag drop at the premium entry?

Yota Takeshima 

I like virgin but to be a gold or a platinum member, first u have to fly anyway with normal red velocity.

Mat C 

So, it means that if I don't fly Premium Entry, but I still fly Virgin, I get long lines and barely good service?

Ben White 

I went Gold with Virgin Australia 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting for any confirmation. Called the help line to confirm and they said could take up to 20 days....I have spent thousands and stayed loyal to Virgin Australia but the lack of fanfare or even an email confirming my gold status is non-existent. I would have thought one of the worlds major brands would have done better but it just goes to show businesses of all levels are generally less than average.

Jack Dawson 

This add means nothing!!! If you look, the Virgin Australia (not Australian by the way!!!) passenger only got to the lounge first because the Jetstar passenger didn't have a car. If you flipped it around and gave the Jetstar passenger a car and the Virgin passenger didn't have a car then the Virgin passenger world have gotten there later!!!!!!! Means nothing!!!!

Dimi V 

What's this song called?