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Faizan Jamshaid 

Will u explain states of polerization

Prince Rai 

Wah sir

ali hashmi 

You are awesome (from Pakistan)

priya singh 

Sir Electromagnetic waves wale lecture ki link send kr dijiye please


vikram singh 

Very helpful video sir I understand the polarisation of light thanks

preet kaur 

Thnks sir

Manjula Choudhary 

Very nice explanation

Âbhïshêk Kümar 

Thank you so So So much sir


nice explanation and information👌👌👌👌👌👌

Tayyba Qasim 

sir your method is toooo much best for me thanks sir

john elia poetry 

best sunglass ma konsi polarization hoti hai plan,elliptical ya phir ciruler?


Yes clash out on it guruji

Purushottam Kumar 

nice lecture sir

Abhishek sahu 

Speechless....mind blowing one of the best teacher of neetprep....

Rupali Banga 

Sir plźz make the video of solids and semiconductor devices also🙏

mohit khobragade 

thank u sir.......

u cleared my concept.....

johns isac 

Bro u rock. Tom i gt prelims n now i got the concept nicely .

Subham Neta 

Nice explanation sir


May ur videos in english

We want in english

m sai kumar mogili 

English lo cheppandra babuu prathi vaadu Hindi lo dobbichukunte yala raa babu chirrak vastundi


👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 more 🎥 🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥🎥

Shubha Ranjan 

sir uniaxial and biaxial mineral

LT- local talent 

thank you so much sir. u explained it so nicely

Abhi Singh 

So good explanation

Komal Deep 

sir polarization chapter mein birefringence ke sarey topic ke upar ek video dijiey Sunday tak plz sir

Yogesh Soni 

Sir double arrow se jo show kar rahe hai vo electric field vector

Hai ya phir em wave ka

Sadia Afrin 

Thank you so much. I got the exact concept that I was lacking in. You did an excellent job explaining it simply and point-to-point. Always grateful. Thanks again, sir.


Thanku sir

Pooja Singh 

Thanks sir

Rajat Yadav 

This kind of explaination I havent got even in my engineering.. Thanku sir for such polite explaination

Lokesh Yadav 

Sir you have 100% confidence in lecturing thank you

VS tech 


khan Sumbul 

Very well explained sir👍

videoviewer viewer 

Thank You Sir


jabardast guru g


sir kitne m milega aapka full package


sir kitne m milega aapka full package

Dharani Jena 

Thank you very much sir.

Ashu Tupe 

One of The Best Teachers💁📖➡👦👧

Kiran Khobre 

nice teacher

Entertainment Entertainment 

Thank u sir

palak Bundela 

awesome video sir

Bilqueesa zehra KFB 


Shruti Pandey 

Sir too good , can you plz upload videos related to nuclear physics

Mohammad Arkan 

nice sir

Kartik Garg 


Gurucharan yadav 

Sir.. how will detect plane polarised light from partially polarised light

Dilemma Doll 

Who else like the '' beta'' and ''bacho'' of sir?

Tekpal Mehra 

Good knowledge

Spark 17 

Physics mey grace marks miley gay kya class 12 2018 mey