Pokemon VGC 2016 - KYOGRE & Primal Kyogre! Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Kyogre VGC Moveset


Pokemon VGC 2016 is GS CUP rules which means LEGENDARY POKEMON! That means we can bring some of the best Pokemon, like Kyogre in official competitive Pokemon. This Pokemon VGC Guide breaks down Kyogre's matchups and team builds for Pokemon VGC 2016!

Pokemon Kyogre Strategy



Pokémon How To Use - Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Pokemon X and Y - http://bit.ly/1lhELIU

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Clasher Sideswipe 

Do you feel the cold with the thunder ?

Minkender the chicken tender 

What about calm mind?


ik this might sound dumb wat nature for primal fish aka primal kyogre


I run my kyogre with a timid nature to outspeed other kyogres with thunder.


>Scarf Kyogre

>"Ferrothron doesn't really work in doubles"

verlis stahp.


Scarf Kyogre=Absolute ShitTR Kyogre=Decent.


"Not necessary to run primal" I heard you said this, I had to see it for myself, I couldn't believe it. Alright, gl cancelling Desolate Land with DRIZZLE. I honestly think you do things like this on purpose for attention, and I guess to that end it works.

Xion Cavallo 

"Ferrothorn doesnt really work in doubles"



verlis pls


Trent Ludwig 

No scarf. Drizzle is worthless in the format.

Adam Schmitz 

My GF uses a really cool Primal Kyogre + Specs Swift Swim Kingdra combo in this format. If I'm not careful it will cost me the set lol

TimiGee Plays 

Scarf into skillswap with a somewhat bulky pokemon would be able to continously reset the primordial sea or desolate land, without the need to lose your turn on a switch ^^

just a tech idea :)

Jonathon Espinoza 

does swift swim work under primordial sea?

Callen siwicki 

Did you know that scald breaks through primal groudon's desolate land ability It is so mean WHY


When i caught my kyogre the first time no soft reseting i got a modest nature


Why the hell is this format not on rating battles. How do I test my team properly besides showdown!?!?!?!?

Rehuel Galzote 

You forgot Klefki under steel team for Mega Kyogre.


The worry seed is next level strats. I wasn't thinking about that, thanks verlis.

tyrone prodigy prince 

whos to say


Key-O-Grie "I live and die by the pokerap - fight me."

I Laughed so hard at that. congrats Verlis. ur funny AND informative now.

tyrone prodigy prince 

doesn't matter as long as there battling

The Almighty Arceus 

I want to see a Kyogre and Heliolisk core. With Dry Skin, perfect Thunder, boosted Surf, I'd think it'd be very powerful

tyrone prodigy prince 

who would win in a fight kyogre or groudon


You forgot one very effective set, but maybe you'll see it on a fan friday's :)

Matt Alcina 

I'm definitely not sold on the scarf Kyogre. Primal Groudon and Mega Rayquaza just cause too many problems since their abilities don't allow Drizzle to work, and if Drizzle doesn't work, Kyogre is basically useless. This problem is also made a lot worse due to the fact that Primal Groudon is potentially the #1 most common Pokemon in the format. In 2016, you need to make sure that your restricted legendaries pull their weight as much as possible, and one of them being completely shut down by one of the most common Pokemon in the format is just not a good game plan.

Also, Ferrothorn is extremely good this year. I wouldn't count him out at all. He's actually gained a lot of popularity. He can excel against Pokemon like Kyogre, Xerneas, Kangaskhan, and Rayquaza, and once you remove the threats to Ferrothorn, it can wall a lot of different Pokemon and just stall for the win in the late game with Leech Seed and Leftovers.

Ben Poulteney 

I can't wait to breed one fo these.

Von Goethe 

I like Primal Kyogre

Awesome Video Verlis! Your movesets help me a lot

Dalty D 

Does kyogre get any good physical water moves? 150 attack is still pretty nice and could catch some opponents off guard.



Pokerap u so bad

Zeno Phu 


YouJustGotRocked MC 

Verlis, does this mean a new moveset guide ;o

YouJustGotRocked MC 

11th lol


honestly, choice scarf kyogre used to be powerful but now it gets beaten by primal in every way. primal is bulkier, has more power and can set heavy rain.

kyogre with scarf is a waste of a restricted legendary slot


Thanks for the pointers man!


Also a nice strat to smash out the Pdons from the field: switch-in (regular or mega) rayquaza and use whatever water move you have on Kyogre on the Pdon. (both of) Rayquazas ability will shut down any kind of weather. Bye Pdon. Oh and also: Geomancy Xerneas with Psych up Pdon next to it. GG.


lol the intro

Lukas The Riolu 

verlisify is my favorite Pokemon youtuber.

Lukas The Riolu 

verlisify is my favorite Pokemon youtuber.

Abdullah Ellahib 

u rock man! Best pokemon youtuber Ive known honestly. not joking


waiting for dialga

Jake Bonilla 

This is a awesome strategy thanks