Pokemon Origins - Weedle, Kakuna and Beedrill


The Origins Of Weedle, Kakuna and Beedrill!

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Rosa Guifarro 

Maybe I think beedrill will have gender differences the males will have black stingers then the females

Random Person 


Dragonwheel 7825 

I think you should do clefairy

Jesse Wu 

Kakuna Matata

Plasma Pea 

Japanese name is caccoon? Not very creative


who else finds Weedle freaking adorable? As long as we would have a close bond I'd lost to have a weedle that climbed up my arm onto my shoulder and watched youtube with me lol. And I always wanted a Mankey that sat perched on my shoulder and was a personal bodyguard.

Katherine Jaager 

I still cannot unsee Kakuna's Tie, think about it for a moment.

Christian Miller 

Kakuna has a tie lol


Beedrill needs a mega form

lucaz ade 

Beedrill 4 lyf

Plague Doctor 

Lol, the trainers in the pokemon games are supposed to be fully grown teenagers? I had no idea. I thought Ash was supposed to be 10.

PS, your conversion of inch to cm is off by a little bit, 175cm = 68in/5.8ft and 1m = 3.1ft not that it really matters though. Thanks for the vids, they're great


Music reminds me of Mario 64 in a way. Like the water level music. idk


you mean weevil from yugioh

Sasha Sirota 

Whoa a five foot ten ten year old?

Owen Talbot 

I love bee drill


what is the piano background music?

Deshon Rivers 

If I see a Beedrill in real life there would just be piss everywhere because I would not be able to hold it


I would get pretty freaked out seeing a 30 cm larva


the guy in the ad before the vid sounds like him...


imagine living in Kanto, seeong your first Beedrill, and running home

Audel Chavez 

Wow i nicknamedbmy weedle, beedle when i first time playing firered

Nicolas René 

sees beedrills japanese name

literally... that's an english word...

Nicolas René 

sees kakunas japanese name


Nicolas René 

sees weedles japanese name

OH WTF!! 2

Justin Nyugen 

Love the music


Still don't see how little Pokémon eats an entire mountain. It's still very cute anyway

Ben Wood 

a little odd how weedle is Japanese for beetle. it barely even resembles a beetle at all.


You'd think with the obvious amount of money this guy spent on editing software, he'd buy an actually good microphone.


I think it's the Ecruteak city song from Pokémon Gold/Silver.

A Mccers 

Weedle minus the stinger and half it's body underground = diglett. wow...

Aunt Dinofur Esmeralda 

Humpin weedle!

Ominous Dusknoir 

The fact that a Cocoon pokemon is called cocoon, not what I would call a coincidence...


Why do all the fucking BW sprites look like they are humping!


They're so identical to their inspirations! XD

Taylor McCray 

Song so nostalgic, I forgot where it's from. :(

Michael Scott 

Weedle can eat weed, that lucky bastard -_-

Chris Straus 

Kakuna wears a tie. You can no longer unsee it.

Ryan Curd 

Why is all the 5 gen dancing

Just Ryan 

I appreciate the pics, however Im easily disturbed by bugs and I could not watch this video :P

James hathaway 

Did he even say their type

Dana Helton 

do Pikachu and Richu !!!!!!!


Thanks for putting the real photos. Really helped


Do smoochum and jynx :)

Mr Fiend 

just simply take away the w and put in the b for the japanese name

Allison Cook 

Ghastly Please!


Man, I love the crap out of these videos. You keep it up, mate.


no wounder misty is scared of bug pokemon o_O




sythe shaped arms? i see a tie

Jewel Wolf 

Now that you say it, it does kind of remind me of a wasp. But I still see it as more closely related to a bee...