PLOTCON 2016: Scott Berinato, Enterprise Dataviz' Unicorn Problem


Companies, and workers, are recognizing the need for good viz, but there's still an assumption that one person can become the "dataviz person." Many companies look for the one person who is a subject matter expert, designer, and data analyst all in one. And many workers fear that's what will be asked of them. It's time to break this and re-install a team approach to visualization. We will explore effective team-based approaches to viz.

Scott Berinato, senior editor at Harvard Business Review, is an award-winning writer, editor, content architect, and self-described “dataviz geek” who relishes the challenge of finding visual solutions to communication problems. At HBR he has championed the use of visual communication and storytelling and has launched successful visual formats, including popular narrated infographics, on Before joining HBR, Scott was an executive editor at CXO Media, where he pioneered the use of visual features in several of the company’s publications. In addi...

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