PlayStation Store PLAY 2014


The PlayStation Store PLAY is an annual summer program showcasing the diverse lineup of games available on the PlayStation Store. This year features Rogue Legacy, The Swapper, Hohokum, and CounterSpy. All four games are cross-buy!

Check out all the games here -!/cid=STORE-MSF77008-9_9_PLAYPS3PS42014

If you are a PlayStation Plus member, you will receive a 20% discount on PLAY games when pre-ordering. And if you end up picking up two or more of these great games, we're giving you bonus PlayStation Store credit. You can take advantage of these great bonuses based on PLAY 2014 games purchased from July 22 to August 26:

• Buy any 4 PlayStation Store PLAY games to get $10

• Buy any 3 PlayStation Store PLAY games to get $6

• Buy any 2 PlayStation Store PLAY games to get $3

The lineup for this year's PlayStation Store is:

Rogue Legacy - 7/29

The Swapper - 8/5

Hohokum - 8/12

CounterSpy - 8/19

For more info on the PlayStation Store PLAY 2014...

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All of these games are awesome. Can't believe people are gonna hate these games until they're free for PS plus. That's when people realize what a gem these games are. In my books...

Rogue Legacy: 9.5/10

The Swapper: 9.2/10

Hohokum: 8.8/10

CounterSpy: 8.3/10

Some random 

this is why I bought and xbox one ◕‿◕。


Great to see the Vita front and center in the video! :D

Luca Messina 

In Europe too?

Jack Kissane 

I'm refreshing my vita PS store for Rogue Legacy but it isn't here :(


Rogue Legacy is great, must buy if you like Platforming games and rogue likes.


Haterz Everywhere!


I preorderd 2 games, where is my 3 dollars?


I hate the fact that you have to go online to verify your psn games all the time. And when are they going to let me put my own movies and music on ps4?!?! Gah I should have waited.

Ben Duong 

These are all amazing indies. You should pick at least 3 (rogue legacy,counterspy,and the swapper.) deal or no deal :)


why bother? will be free for ps+ later xD

Felipe Escobar 

no me compraria una vita o una ps4 solo para jugar juegos q podria jugar en mi nintendo (Nes) , se q esta de moda lo retro y los juegos indie pero si te compras una consola con ese poderio , es absurdo...... es como un amigo q desbloqueo su xbox 360 solo para jugar juegos de super Nintendo (Snes) ;/

Jochem Romijn 

Wait, it's not for Europe, now is it?


i'm getting me a 50 buck card  i'm a gamer from way back

Grzegorz Nowak 

I think we should take a vote to see which one of these four video games is the best, so which game do you think is the best? Is it rouge legacy, the swapper, hohokum, or counterspy? Leave your vote in the comments, and come back on August 29 to see which game has the most votes.

mike T 

Why Not LittleBigPlanet 3 :(

brian b 

PS plus is trash on ps4

Buda Yen 

I love indie games because it's make me want to wait for destiny come out than i buy a ps4.

El Mono Geek 

Solo "4" juegos 😔😔😔😔 ... More Games for Ps Vita...

lord mao 

me avisan cuando sony se digne a lanzar cosas de calidad porfavor y no proyecto fallidos de super  nes a ala ps4


Rogue Legacy :D

chris rivera 

Barley interesting :/


Hmm...I like the look of these games especially rogue legacy


Meh, Ill pass.

mitchell patton 

The ps4 store is still fairly empty PS now is a good idea but after running the beta I think it should be integrated to the store or a rental subscription that should also include ps4 games with a discount on purchases of full game downloads after renting newer games for a custom price set separately from the subscription after a set length of rental time I do like PS now as what it could be but a full download is required for time sensitive games streaming won't work so it can be locked after the rental time that's where the full game discount kicks in that's my beta feedback


Hello people! I need help :P

I want to pre-order some of these games to enjoy the discounts.

But when I go to Sony's shop on the internet, the four games are available to pre-order for PS3 OR PS4 (it evens says "Pre-Orders only for PS3 and PS4"). But I just have a Vita... Is there something I can do to Pre-Order the games for my Vita and receive the 20% discounts and the additional discount? Thanks!


My God, Sony, put the vita in the middle, they actually care!


Why psn always making the gayiest games

Kratos Monica 

All I see is XBONE 720P fans in the comment it's insane

Kratos Monica 

Looking forward to The Swapper


I would get Rogue Legacy. But sometimes it takes months for some games to appear in my region PSN.

Jozef Ivezaj 

they need to add minecraft lol

Pedro Chaves 

Oh god why



Window sky 

3ds or ps vita ?


Kinda regret getting my PS4 on launch. The lack of games was always granted, but these indie games are all rubbish. Good on Sony for going down that lane, but it's not for everyone. Maybe one AAA title and 2 indie games a month would be well worth it. Let's hope somewhere down the £40 a year line we get some games that grip us. The only one worth mentioning was Outlast. Superb game.

Obnoxious Bellybutton 

seriously we dont need anymore indie games


i'm so glad i waited!! i'm getting it for Christmas by then there will be good games


bring back loco roco

Halo Career 

Getting all of of 'em right now :)

Quid Pro Quo 

Rogue Legacy and Counterspy. Win!

Anthony Fitzwater 



All the time the indies, I'll cry :(


No Thanks


So today PlayStation has a good Hero's sale, finally something good from PSN some good hero games for dirt cheap


Awaiting greatness since 15th Nov 2013...

Jake Morris 


Rorona chan 

Awesome promo. These games are better than most AAAs. At least swapper and rogue are! The other two still need to play


I don't mind the indies but I think there's tooooo many on PS4 and 3 because for the PS4 monthly free games for PSPlus are always indies that I've never heard of and for the record I think that they just make the indie games free so they don't make any good games free like outlast a while back


Wait only 4 games? That's not a sale that's an opportunity to get some indie games at a discounted price which is a part of having PS+ you can easily save up to $10 by buying 1 indie game w/ the PS+ price reduction.