Playing Cards for the Blind THAT WORK, Euchre Cards


To support this project please go to GO FUND ME at cards (Euchre) have been invented which allow blind and visually impaired to have fun and recreation through a simple card game. Please read below for complete story. The inventor would like to give several hundred decks of Euchre Cards for the Blind to blind (and visually impaired) individuals and agencies which support the blind.

To support this project through your purchase of decks of cards go to: Euchre Cards for the Blind at:


Description: Euchre Cards for the Blind are a standard euchre deck (24 cards) plus instructions and scoring cards. The cards are marked with a notching system on the edge of the cards which is very easy for a blind card player to learn and use. The simple system allows for quick, easy, and enjoyable play of the game. The is a simple alternative to Braille.

STORY: Recently a lady who had gone blin...

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VI James 

Hey bill, I was thinking of trying out a similar idea like this for myself because I play cards with my friends at school but thought I would look around for some cards for the blind and visually impaired. Cool idea man, it’s stuff like this that makes life just that little bit better!

Freddy K 

Bill, Recieved the eucre cards as well the two full decks. Thank you for the speedy delivery as well as the extra deck of cards. Tiffany who is legaly blind and myself have been practicing and as you said, it amaziningly easy to learn in a short time. We hope that Tiffs consultant who works for the CNIB Canadian National Institute for the Blind, will be able to inspire others through Tiffany,s experience. Again, outstanding concept, easy to learn as well being an inspiration to the game of cards as well blind people. Thank you so very much from your Canadian Friend on the west coast.

Freddy K 

Bill, you are absolutely amazing, placed an order for the euchre cards as well a full deck. I work at Fleet Maintenance Facility Cape Breton, CFB Dockyard, and was telling the guys about the cards and how Tiff was so excited. Told them your story as well how it brought back memories of my dad watching the old bridge tv series and watching him play the game. He introduced me to euchre and I could never beat him, as it turns out he was gifted at rembering cards again Edmond Hoyle wins as he explained lol. Bill thank you so very much and I can be reached at

Freddy K 

Thank you so much Bill. My wife Tiffany had surgery on 11 Sep 2017 to remove a menigenoma tumor from the left optic chasm. She is now blind and I have been looking for playing cards. Esp euchre. I have 29 years in the RCN and have been teaching her euchre. As you said it is the military game of choice and we play this game all the time at sea. Thank you so very much for your spirit and inspiration for the game to continue. Kind regards from Victoria British Columbia... God Bless