Plane Spotting at Changi Business Park Singapore - 19/02/2019


Maxson Goh Films a variety of planes landing at Changi Airport in Singapore.

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All footage filmed and edited by Maxson Goh aka glitchFan2428

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Channel:  glitchFan2428
AnimatorBlox Gaming 

The SIA cargo B747 i think departed from DAC

Cuz my friend from BD sent me a pic from his apartment which is extremely near to DAC i was surprised xD when he seny me.

Just sayin'😁😁

Shine Flame 

A350 are the best looking planes

RaxDen YT 

Most are extremely noisy

The Angry Birds NYC Subway C 

Make video that you riding a plane



Benjamin Ong 

Talk about planes. Airbus announced that the A380 production will come to an end. The era of 4 jet planes might come to an end as more fuel efficient twin engines come onto the market like the A350ULR.

SIA 001 

Yay i love bus i love plane

KA9608 x KU7668 x UN657’s Transportation Channel 

Good job filming planes this time

SG 5872E 

Nice and so many aeroplane!


Maxson, are u a plane enthus just asking

YH The Gamer 

I like aviation but of course I love land transport

Yeokyun Leo 

Where Is This Place?


*meanwhile im a aviationist and cant find out some of the planes*

i tot there will be my first plane i took in my life SQ618 D: but nice spotting

I always spot I dont see any b747 on sia cargo

SBS8562T-SBS8999S SBS5001R-SBS5252H 

Are noisy


Nice you managed to capture a RSAF Fokker-50

Fastest Man 

Do more plane video please......

Fastest Man 


Aviation Culture 

great vid mate dropped a sub !

mh 14 

I love planes

SMB 226B 

Some country has a better plane spotting than Singapore but this is consider not bad

Joshua Tay 

amazing there is still Boeing 747 Singapore airlines cargo

SG 5906S 

Planes are boring...

Jay Kay 

First plane video in this channel? Damn...