Pixel 3 Night Sight – Behind the Scenes


Watch the behind the scenes and see how Pixel 3’s Night Sight feature stands out in low lighting compared to Phone X.

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_Sekinafi _ 

Someone please hit me up with the name of this song

Измаил Махамбетов 

What the song?

Just a Gecko 

I really need the music name, anybody??

Tayra Benfica 

Y’all looking for the name of the song! And Shazam won’t find anything and it’s not called Sandstorm don’t give out fake information! Listen to it

Arief Ash 

How come u said *PhoneX* but down in the small text u stated _all phone x photos are shot in iPhone xs_

Hands down 😂😂👐


By phone X they meant iPhone X, why are they comparing a 2018 flagship to a 2017 flagship? Even if they compared it to the 10S the pixel would win but still.


I think Phone X is an iphone X

Randomness Gamer 

What song is this




Wtf is this straight roasting?

BBalta BB 

This in poco is ART

Luis Gutiérrez 

That N O T C H tho.

Upset Banman 

Obviously they do it with the iPhone X instead of the Xs😒


What song is this?


Pixel 3 is better than iPhone X

Google <3

Chill Grimms 

Can anyone try and do a remix of this? This beat is beyond fire and I love it, i'm almost for sure you'll get views this sounds sick. So if anyone's looking for content ideas, this is perfect.

Vincent Kong 

I thot Huawei camera is the new standard which they should be comparing with? Still comparing with the Iphone is lame


Can i have one?

Joel Raj 

U stupid Google pixel competing with iPhone x compete with xs max

bung akza 

#teampixel 55790

Conor Raper 

What song is that that’s cool google


Google please release this full song 🤩🤩


too much of AI

MaseratiLife 1 

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Andromeda The protogen 

Watching this on my iPhone......


Who else thought the thumbnail was The Bride?

Christian Velez 


Richard Gonzalez 

whats the name of the song?

Jonah Rafferty 

But really though what is this song??

Smiling Director 

amazing google!

Guddu Kumar 

Pixel hai boss


This would be an awesome song for a cheer routine

Cjay Play's 

that subscribers tho.

dpu oinam 

666 wtf

KaMKam ÜzTan 

What is the title of the song?

Ilyaas Najee-Ullah 



Hmmm... No retouching. But it's automatic software retouching after all. xD

Darker Life 

Google 1B% & apple 1k%

Tristan Pangilinan 

Dat notch so big

Julio Novando 

i love you if you not hates anything, even your enemy.

Best Guy 

Couldn't care less about the phone, I just need a full song

Jay S 

the beat is cool

alsalhin ahmed 

We need pixel 3 vs iphone XS 😑 not vs with iphone x

Luige Anacan 

Apple camera left the chat.

Fake Thumbnail 

Is this a real song?

Oscar Cofre Ramirez 


Corey Yang 

What song is this?

josh mills 

What's that song tho???

Kyle Drum