Peter Schiff - Harwinton, CT P1


I have my "Peter Schiff was right" and for senate Bumper stickers on my car and work truck...and I live in Atlanta!:) GO Pedro!

Yu Shao 

Peter Schiff for senate 2010!


It's a shame how Linda McMahon's money is going to buy her a senate seat. By the way you can buy peter schiff was right bumper stickers at zazzle.


the old crowd is going to vote in Linda McMahon..

these are THE people Schiff needs to convince..

not the younger crowd who hardly vote


He's making his presence known at Town Halls. Also keep in mind young people are mostly liberals, not a lot of market to get in that department. The young people that DO support him are the ones online.


not only that he is pretty enthusiastic


schiff needs to get at the younger crowd, not these old people i allways see. i think that they are the most influential and i do believe they ARE willing to listen what is GENUINELY happening to the country. not only that they network better