Performance Video Essay: Episode 001 - Microdosing High-Intensity Exercise for the In-Season Period


In an effort to communicate high performance training concepts in a concise and entertaining manner, I have decided to develop and communicate my thoughts through the medium of video essays. The essays are designed to convey training, recovery and return-to-competition concepts through use of video clips, audio sound bites and other visual graphics. They will also include the thoughts of prominent guests, as we delve into the deeper details of why, how much, when and how often.

In Episode 001 of the Performance Video Essay Series, I discuss the reasons and methods behind assigning high-intensity exercise during the in-season period of a professional or collegiate team. I use a number of professional football examples specifically because the physical demands of the game can be so extreme, and players have a week to recovery and prepare between games. Legendary high performance professionals such as Al Vermeil and Rob Panariello also add their thoughts on the subject of training in-sea...