PC Longplay [254] Alone in the Dark 2 - Bonus - Jack in the Dark



Played by Deskawa

This is the sequel to Alone in the Dark, launched 1993, a year after the first one. The game featured better graphics, music and controls, but most people dislikes it being a bit more action oriented. A part of the problem is that fighting is still quite a bit random and not funny at all. Probably the problem is just that they didn't work the first and last parts enough and they filled the with combat. Anyway, I personally love the game for its music, characters and some beautiful artwork in sequences and background.

The game still has some books that I read. I won't recommend you to read any, since they aren't relevant for the story (usually just present the minor characters). But if you are still interested, in 1:19:36 there is a book with some link with the first AITD and in 1:28:18 it's explained why you are fighting against Jack's crew again. The rest of the books are just about puzzles and presenting secondary characters (and there ar...

paloma piromana 

wait, it's a halloween game or a christmas game?


anyone have the ost of this part?

Jac Sanchez / Slash Command Films 

Converting Jack's head into a Jack-in-the-Box? I don't know if I would call it irony or twisted

Juan Trevizo 

I remember this game used to wreck me 24/7


I was frustrated by those controls even back then.


I have Alone in th Dark 1 with Jack in the Dark on 1 CD.

Oriru Bastard 

Yah, back in the days it wasn't a huge issue but in these days controls in these games are just akwark it's not even funny.