Paypal Or Shopify Payments to Process Payments In Your Ecommerce Store?





Like I mention in the video, if you want to use something less risky to process payments in your ecom store, use anything but Paypal.

Paypal is built to be more on the customers side rather than the business owner side.. they will shut you down within a blink of an eye! and what makes matters worst!, they don't even have to explain themselves!

All someone has to do is report fraudulent activities on their account after purchasing from your site, and POW! you're going to find you self right back here watching this video lol. ((And thats Just ONE of many things that can trigger paypal from acting like a **** [Excuse my "French" Stars lol] ))

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Chris Keyz 

For everyone thats wondering, they did release my money, I did receive some refunds, but I got my money back for the most part, but I can't open up a paypal under my name

Danielle White 

smh They held $120 for 90 days because I hand keyed 3 transactions that amounted to $600

Danielle White 

Thank you for this video


Thank you for this video.

Ronnie Vargas 

paypal is the worst BS

Bass Central 

Does having PayPal as the only payment method can turn off some customers or no?


Update on your money??


What were you selling? I'm interested in Shopify but I had Pay Pal for over 10 years with no problem. They've actually helped me get money back from people who ripped me off. Strange.

Виталий Александрович 

Hi. please tell me who knows. how to get paid in shopify via PayPal. if there is no business account. is it just a regular account???

Lava Earth 

Can u make a video on how to get payment with Shopify payment and or your bank. Thanks

Edwin Anthony 

NOPE. Even if you come thru with a different EIN and different business, your social security # is damaged....meaning you can never recreate an account with Paypal ever again. Some people might be lucky but for the most part many others were not so lucky.

T C 

I really don’t see how PayPal is still in business. I know this has happened to thousands of people including myself. There hasn’t been any publicity with these cases so they will continue to steal from unknowing people just like this. I hear if you file a BBB complaint they will release funds sooner. I’m currently waiting to see what my outcome will be due to PayPal holding over $600 from me since last month. Their rules seems to be unethical & illegal. But since they’re not a bank, they can basically do whatever they want with YOUR money.

Djuana Okocha 

3 stores is good. Paypal has a lot of rights that stop you from getting your money.

Explore Somalia 

Thank you for your insight. Will be heading your advise!


Yea PayPal held about $27,000 dollars from me for 6 months & in those 6 months they refunded all my customers their money and by the end when I had access to the money again there was only about $2,000 left, FUCK PAYPAL THEY ARE SHIT FOR ECOMMERCE

Master Investor 

So with shopify paiments I wont need to wait a lot of days to have the money of my clients to buy the items? it means that I dont have to start with the same money from my pocket for example if I sell 1000 dollars in a day I dont need to count with that fro my pocket to buy the client product right?

hiram zambrana 

i need help with settings with shopify

can you make a video about that < just about fixing your settings ?

hiram zambrana 

hey man pleas get back to me

Deadrick James 

I just made my first sale. I was wondering why the site never asked for my bank info (to send $ order commissions to) but I didnt see where to do that. Can anyone help?

ahmed ali 

With shopify payments can I use payoneer routing number and bank number??? Still I have to use stripe?? As due to my location I can't use PayPal nor stripe and from reviews I see both sucks

Jay Parry 

Great video! Fancy checking mine out?

The Trendyest 

Hey bro, have you decided to use paypal again? Or are you doing pretty well without them?


I had a Paypal express account and they locked my account too lol .... This is crazy. Never using paypal again. I'm good. Thanks for the video confirmation bro.

Jason N. 

whats up my dude. How do I only accept shopify payments on my account? paypal just started to withheld my money for 21 days on my ebay. thanks.

Tricky Fragz 

Paypal is run by the fed!!!down with the fed


How about transferring the money as soon as possible to your bank account

Brandon Lukaszewski 


RÅy Chařĺes 

PayPal only holds money & does what they want when there is no bank linked to the account. When u have ur bank acct linked to it, u can transfer that money directly to ur bank account.


Hi Chris, this is one of my biggest concerns and I'm really wondering how to go about it. Im just starting with Shopify and before I will set everything up I don't know how to arrange payment method. Im living outside of US and I cant use shopify payments and if Im going to use PayPal Im gonna experience the same thing you and other people did, Paypal don't like dropshipping and setting up other unknown payment getaway can just scare the customers and kill the business.I dont know what to do, please advise. Hope to hear from you soon! Great info on your channel btw! :)

W E Media 

Why you did not use shopyfy and e bay and amazon with dropshipping at one time more products right ?!

harleymar macadaeg 

I am preparing for my shopify store, i'm looking for the best merchant for payment im here in the philippines? can you give me a recomndation?

Destiny P 

How can I accept international payments on Shopify?


Ehhhh...... If the product is something I really want, then yes, I will probably just use whatever payment method is offered. But if it's something I'm on the fence about, not having a PayPal option very well might tip me the wrong direction. I do definitely trust PayPal more, rather than just some sketchy-looking website credit card field. Maybe I am a minority in that opinion, but not offering a PayPal option, to me, seems like a bad idea.

Max Tan 

Your header says, " Paypal or Shopify Payments" .... but than the whole fucking video talks shit about Paypal and nothing about Shopify Payments.

Fuck you... waste my time. Hope Paypal keep all your fucking money.

Jeanea perry 

Good advice! My son told me this happened to him. I have a pay pal business account I wonder if it makes a difference. Is there a way around not having to pay for a customers order after they have already paid for it? I just can't understand how you make money from drop shipping when your using your own money to ship orders.

Ameer Night 

I sold a video game on eBay and had to wait nearly a month just to get my $30 using PayPal. Thanks for the warning and information.

Tas Khan 

I know a company where paypal held over a million dollars, then did the same after 6 months they said a further 3 months. Paypal has done this to many businesses, and some of them have even taken paypal to court. However, i agree, Paypal is not good to use.

Venomous Catnip 

I love all your videos!

Venomous Catnip 

Thank you so much for this video! Shameful how PayPal makes up the rules as they go along. You saved me a lot of heartache. No PayPal for me. This video really hit home.

heart Impelled 

Good .. . . but now i need help about payment i'm from egypt and some customer come to my store to buy but not compelete transaction becouse i dont have another payment only paypal my question is how i setup another payment and thanks Bro :)

rizal mauludi 

so paypal is shit over there right? paypal is shit. because when you are reaching 20k. they gonna hold your money... just dont use paypal anymore. their policy isnt suit for dropshiper

Keith Sconiers 

Thanks for sharing man!

Sean H 

If PayPal imposed a minimum balance, no problem; and other similar control measures, but to impose a 6 month hold on funds, there is no equivalent action in the world of finance and I'd go as far as to say they are a law unto themselves and it is borderline criminal. They sit outside of the normal rules and do whatever they want.

Rose Py 


Did you have a business Pay Pal account?

Yilin Cheng 

so ,what did you do to make paypal shut down your account ? don't tell me you did nothing , and paypal is just crazy . there must be a reason , and you didn't mention it at all.

Vince Bastier 

Thanks for sharing it, it will help anyone to avoid nightmares.

Victor Colon 

If you are using PayPal, then you have to change the setting from 10,000 to more on your PayPal account. And you will fix that problem.

M A 

did you get your money brother . hope you did x

Nexxo Exxon 

I hear ya. I'm not a fan of Paypal either because they've screwed me over many times. I even deleted my account once and reactivated it again because I had no choice if I was going to sell on eBay.

Things iwant 

Are there alternative payment gateways we can use? also paypal does it when u reach their limit (because u didnt have a business acc) or when your customers asked for charge backs becasue of long shipping time?

also a great trick would be to daily transfer all funds asap right?