Paul Williams on Somaliland, African Union membership


Paul D. Williams, associate professor of international affairs and associate director of the Security Policy Studies program at The George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs, responds to a question at a forum on East African security at the Elliott School on 4/27/2009.

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They are looking the issue from a very simple view.

Omar Osman 

A nice piece of information with a deep and profound knowledge of international affairs. I agree with the professor.

Abdullah Said Jurum 

Divide and rule as they did in Berlin 1948

Abdullah Said Jurum 

Western intervention in somalia is always there


what is this pigs talking about


You are a absolute fucking joke mate. "Somaliland" is nothing more then colonial borders made by Europeans.

The people of Somaliland are Somali people, Muslims, speak Somali....there is nothing unique or special about them besides the clan they represent.

In the west of Somaliland you have Awdal state and those people never asked for succession...on the east you have a large Harti population that doesn't want to leave Somalia.

This bullshit about independence is something 1 clan is trying to get land for themselves.

Somaliland is not going anywhere and you fucking white face fucks need to stop meddling in people's business. YOU will not decide what Somali people do with there land. Hop on a broom and fly away...worthless colonial pigs.


We dont need recognition ... Infact i think we are doing very well because we are not recognised :)

However if Somaliland was recognised there would be alot of corrutpion and we wont be as free as we are today ... So yes thats my opinion , I can say Im a free somalilander because we are not recognised lol

But with recognition comes with limits to our freedom which is always not very good :)

Jamalo Axmed 

WHAT MAKES Those (African junkeys to ReconZ our Country Aka: Pandoras box or whateva :S !..

We Landers can make it with out any ReconigZ! think alaah for our Gift !manshaalah !

Jan Jacobszoon 

Viva Somaliland! and may allah help Somalia

Geesi Gun Rifayso 

Well said to Prof. Paul D. Williams. You are a very knowledgeable expert in the Horn of Africa region. I concur with all you said about Somaliland and anyone who digs for the facts about Somaliland comes to the same conclusion that Somaliland is a unique case in Africa and has developed its own State by its own and deserves to be supported as a democratic rolemodel State for the region and Africa at large.