Path of Exile - The Spider Queen


Reddit user Kumanix covered the song from the previous video!

I can't upload the other song, because the legality is questionable. That was me singing it, by the way. The drumline was purely the Unearth sound effect and the sounds that play when you summon 20 spiders at once.

I won't provide a POB for the character in the video, because it's terrible. Any other Arakaali's Fang build is better. It's very overpowered, and I didn't utilize it properly at all.

Here's an example:

Channel:  OMGItsJousis

I saw spider queen and though you just made Demi's build... but this is more fun


Honestly if you decided to become a musician I would buy everything you released

MasterOf Pings 

There is onlly one spider queen .... check the hall of grand masters ... pleb

Mihai Radu 

Are you Sseth? You're Sseth. Pretty sure you're Sseth.

M Fil 

Did you know you can reach hit and crit cap on a deadeye pretty easily and that spells in poet's pens do NOT share a cooldown with spells triggered by cast on crit? I've been using power siphon to maintain 5 power charges and ice bite for 5 frenzy to keep me my APS capped. Using Oskram gloves, an Obscurantis, and a bestial rhoa Yriel's Fostering. Tested with firestorm in wand and chest and I can get two casts of firestorm on a crit. Maybe add in bladefall for more poisons faster with a built in culling strike and decent wand damage to get past the server kill screen. I'm poor and suck at PoE but you're not.... Make it work!


ohhh so you're why that dagger shot up to 2ex


So I made a variation on your 2nd forbidden build where I use rf to clear mobs instead of weapon swap the only problem is 1 not 1 shotting shaper anymore and that makes me sad

Gábor Vass 

Best PoE content currently !

Lt General Goon 

You have the voice for the Burger king foot lettuce meme


U GOT good voice make good funny videos sad u make one video a year

John Doe 

Yah boi got sum skillz.

Little Gile 

This build is very misleading.... I tried it till lvl 92 and my character is still not singing..

Dylan Ezell 

This was great on so many levels

Kevin Kostyk 

This is art.


Can we get a full version of your song? That was amazing!

Genesis Lung 

I literally just theorycrafted this build yesterday and bought the gear, then I see this. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.

Vincenzo Bertelloni 

I died few times , that << wait a second!?>> ;DDDD


you are the jesus of poe

The Saival 

Honestly I was expecting the cast on stun spellspam that the original Spider Queen was


Seriously your voice is fucking amazing for these videos. Please don't stop making them.

Also there's a build I've been messing around with, a blade vortex assassin with a CoC support gem with Arc. Wondering if you could do anything memey with it?




Well .... why using spectral throw for life gain, when u can place storm brand at the duration of 20 seconds doing the same heal? moreover, u can use autocast firestorm and have insane heal, while your spiders kills everything. And at last, with all that stuff, just use autocast phasing and aspect of the spider and become OP lazy onebutton instaheal all content clearer.

Аслан Джаиков 

Oh no, he is back with another crazy builds


Turn this into a musical channel right now

Jack Prosper 

I have the bell rung, I don't ever want to miss these builds ever. : )

Kevin Dang 

Path of spider


I made the same build, went poison crit.... Ya it sucked

Kevin Leugan 

Me doing 300 thousand damage. *Oh my gosh I am so strong*

*_OMGIJ 500 million damage casual build_*

- ______________ -

Familia Fotuoh 

Great video mate. Loved it!

Lee Sin The Blind Monk 

what are your pc configs man? jesus fuck

Joel Christiansen 

Meme will meme will rock you

Blaze Blaze 

Love this video made me laugh so hard

Cheese Bunz 

hahahahahaahha i loooove the singing part !!!!!! awesome video


I haven't played this game in over half a decade but I still feel like I know whats going on in your videos


Damn erikenekene and erufufuerufu have got some solid competition


If that's a complete failure, wtf does success look like?

Phat Spheal 

You want a meme build try chaos golem


only one problem with the video: too short


One Google ... You had one job. One Google. "poe spider queen"

Demi got that locked down first. The character is even in the hall of grand masters.

Please change the name of that build.


The servers aren't being slayed so the build is a complete failure.

Bill Dzierwinski 

i've made a minion build that focused around poets pens and actively summons a mix of up to 30 minions (50 with raging flame, and 75 with vaal summon skeleton) using unearth and violate dead with all my 400% minion damage also affecting myself, i create an endless army that will die explode and keep rebirthing, it vaporized anything i touched, you sir were my inspiration for this XD


+1 just for the song sake

Heather Renee 

lol please post more PoE builds, for they bring me much joy to watch and laugh at.

jean-sébastien dubé 

I lost it at the song.


Really unsure if you are going to read this but are you the same Jousis that was in my runescape clan in 2008-9?? We have a reuploaded vid that you did for us a looong time ago. It was the saints clan. I can show you it if you want (You likely have it yourself unlisted??) Anyway just wanted to say hi and say you've come a long way since haha. Clan is still going (10 years coming up) and if you ever come on OSRS let me know dude!

Guilherme Souza 

Behold, demonetization!


singing ! We will ..we will Poison you!

Baryonic T 

You haven‘t mentioned how much DPS, sorry SPS, this build has...

Daniel 4Real 

Great a build inspired by Queen.

I love it


Sseth playing poe