Part 2 - CRUD operation on fullcalender with angularJS


In the previous article, I have shown Implement Event/Scheduler calendar using ui-calendar in angularJS, where we have only implemented a simple scheduling application for showing events using ui-calendar (fullcalender). But without CRUD operation, it can not be a complete solution. So, Today I will show you complete CRUD operation on fullcalender with angularjs for making our application more readable, usable and user-friendly.

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Almutasim Almazidi 

Hi, thank you for excellent explanations, so how can I get the source code??

Vikram Kumar 

hi Sourav

Thank you for sharing this.

I am facing two issue's in the Homecontroller.cs

1. if (evt.EndAt != null && evt.StartAt.TimeOfDay == new TimeSpan(0, 0, 0) &&

2. evt.EndAt.Value.TimeOfDay == new TimeSpan(0, 0, 0))

3. {

4. evt.IsFullDay = true;

5. }

6. else

7. {

8. evt.IsFullDay = false;

9. }

In first line the work "TimeOfDay" show an error with red underline and same with line number 2. in "Value"

the true and flase also showing the same.

here is the message while trying to run the program.

"Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

Error CS1061 'string' does not contain a definition for 'TimeOfDay' and no accessible extension method 'TimeOfDay' accepting a first argument of type 'string' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)"

Mithun Mane 

Hi Sourav, Thanks for video, but i wanna give one suggestion. Please shown how you install all required package like jquery,ful calendar etc etc and where that packages have to paste i mean in content folder or scripts etc.....hope u understand....Thanks

Riyaz Basha 

why its binding all the events to 1st jan 1970 ...kindly help me with this

michelle mei 

Another question I have is that the calendar can be viewed by Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. But I can edit it only when it runs on Edge.

michelle mei 

Great job! Thank you sir. It makes things clear and simple. And it would be better if I can get contact with you to have answer for the questions that I have, for example, in some parts of the calendar, I can input the details of the events and they are all entered correctly into the database. However, nothing is shown in the area of the date where I entered data . I don't know what causes this. Looking forward to your help...

amr said 

please how make event details displayed when hover to the event in calendar ?

Damien O'Sullivan 

How do you change the time of the event?

Ryan Lawlor 

Hi Sourav, do you know what is the best way to fix the Modal Popop not appearing in the center of the screen? Currently when I run my application the popup appears on the right.

I am thinking this is due to the CSS, any help would be appreciated

Tishi Moodley 

hi sir your program works amazing, thank you very much. If you do not mind i will need more of your assistance. when i changed the controller name (homecontroller) to another name, the calendar will not pick up the events or let me add, i did change the controller part in the MyApp.js file, still it would not work, am i missing anywhere else? i also would like to display more than one calendar on a single page how do i go about that? regards

Cabinet Dentist 

Many thanks for your tutorial, it's awsome. What I want to ask is if you did somthing with it to display data after submitting new data, edit data or delete data? Because mine doesn't refresh after submit. I have to manually refresh the page to see it. Thank's in advance!

pablo corrales 

Hello, man I have a doubt, I wanted to replicate the calendar but when I try to modify an event the button does not appear to delete and I think it is because of the command that does to receive the parameter.

<button class = "btn btn-danger" type = "button "Ng-show =" NewEvent.EventID> 0 "ng-click =" delete () "> Delete </ button>

You could help me understand why it does not work for me.

Eyomi Emmanuel 

Hey bro how do i get the resource file used in this video, Thanks

Nitipol Kampooviang 

thank you,and i want to Login Google Authen with Angularjs and MVC ?.

Virender Mehta 

Hello sourav can you post the same example regarding full calendar in mvc.for e.g we can book appointments using the fullcalendar control.

Diana Ysabel 

very good excellent video looks need help and try to place a text box and when you click the textbox automatically display a jquery calendar but within the modal can not show this jquery calendar try putting with css but do not work apparently because this within modal does not appear. I would appreciate an answer

Pearl Jules Pilla 

Hi :) Hope you can read this. Can u make a tutorial about CRUD operations on jquery datatable?

Monoj Biswas 

Hello Brother,

How to create auto mail sent at a schedule time setting in calendar in web application.

Please help me.