Outlook REST APIs


Outlook REST APIs offer an easy way to access Mail, Calendar and Contacts data for any Office 365 or outlook.com user. In this video, we will go over some of the key functionality that is introduced in V2.0 of the API: Webhooks, Photos, Reminders and Timezone.

Deepika Gupta 

How to create event in calendar outlook using php. I have access token but not able to add event. Getting error like access denied .

Ronel Cabrera 

is there an event for to subscribe to with calendar events?

Hari Ravipati 

Is outlook api is free service or any charges is there..

Single Player Gamer 

None of this works without showing how to authenticate. If you're not going to cover that here then at least link to the video/tutorial where that can be done. All these requests give me 401 errors.

Fawad Raza 

Extremely poor presentation, nothing about **how** to first log in etc to reach the Webhook point? For a Novice both the documentation and this video are useless.