Oscar Predictions 2017 throwdown: Christopher Rosen vs. Michael Hogan vs. Tom O'Neil


Watch Chris Rosen (EW.com), Mike Hogan (VanityFair.com) and Gold Derby Editor Tom O'Neil track the top Oscar races. Will "La La Land" sweep? What will upsets be?

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Maxwell House 

Emma Stone is amazing in La La Land! That's ridiculous to say otherwise!


Call Out Viola Davis for CATEGORY FRAUD Tom and Co.!!!

Hey you 

It will be Emma Stone or Isabelle. Both are incredible, but La La Land is no doubt better movie so that can contribute to Emma.

Travis Eddings 

No one has mentioned this but la la land can win 14, because the two songs could tie (thus two oscars). It happened with Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty with Sound Editing in 2013.


When are we going to get over the "characters have to be 'likable', and we have to like them" mindset? Could the point be missed much more?!

Truly Honest 

Andrew acted circles around Casey. Not even close. He should be the winner.

James Harris 

If Stone wins it'll be because of the film and a sweep. It's an ok film, but certainly nothing memorable about it. The last musical to win was Chicago, which is MUCH better than La La Land. Of the nominated actresses, her performance is the worse of the bunch. If they go by actual acting, and they go gaga over people playing real people, then Portman has a second Oscar. Isabelle had the most daring role of all, and although the film is not a mainstream film, she's been around for years, and the voters know her. Now, whether they'll vote on her is another thing. Interestingly enough, ten years ago, another French actress, Marion won for a fantastic performance in La Vie En Rose, but again, she was playing Edith Piaf, which was a huge advantage since all of the older voters would know about Piaf, and it didn't hurt that George Clooney practically single-handedly preached for her, as he continually stated that she gave the best performance that year, man or woman. La La Land is the pat on

Sherlane Yuen 

Many of you may disagree, but I genuinely think that Emma deserves an Oscar for her performance in La La Land aside from the "La La Land sweep." It's understated beauty and her hard work and talent made her role seem effortless.

Bury Upon 

The fact that hidden figures is even nominated for anything is totally deplorable

Michael Parisi 

Denzel and Emma stone winning would be the worst winners we've ever had

Michael Parisi 

Casey is going to win


I disagree with the guy at the beginning saying "you want to hug Casey". Nonsense. I found his character very dislikable, regardless of what he has to deal with. There's no way anyone would want that guy in their house, much less hug him, when he could instantly start busting your jaw, or worse, if he misinterprets what your saying, or thinking. No excuse for that behavior, regardless of what he went through.


Cant believe Natalie Portman gave an Oscar winning performance....only to lose!

Dig Rom 

i hope denzel wins. and i lowkey hope viola loses bcs i hate how naomie harris didnt win anything

Pat Currie 

Should Denzel win? Came off of Broadway Tony win, which by the way equates to practice, practice. No wonder he could do those monologue runs. Casey was better, but hardly any variation of character thru entire 2.25 hrs with a poor ending that didn't measure up to rest of the film. Andrew Garfield is the complete actor, from goofy teen to gritty soldier. BTW, Viola is stealing Supporting Actress, her screen time should prevent her from downgrading category. AND, what's up with Finding Dory snub!

John * 

Emma Stone will be the most underwhelming Oscar win since Sandra Bullock for "The Blind Side." Why is the Best Actress category always the one that selects the hot new actress over actual acting