Origin of The Name Africa + Origin of The Word Africa + Etymology of Africa


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origin of the name africa

origin of the word africa

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where did the name africa come from

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origins of the name africa

the origins of the name africa

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Horace's Bible Corner 

As a Bible teacher for more than forty years I find it interesting that the word Africa is derived from an Hebrew word "Efr" or "Afr" or "Ifr" and convey the meaning of "a multitude or fruitfulness". The first letter is an 'aleph and it does not have a sound while the 'ayin has a hard gutteral asperant. This is very important in understanding some of the problems of Biblical scholarship today. Before and during the Punic wars, the Romans were trading with a people in north Africa who they called the Afri or Efri people.They called their country Africa, meaning the land of the Afri/Efri people. Who were these Afri people? They not only traded with the Romans but were very close to the Carthagenians of Carthage. The city of Carthage was founded by Queen Dodo, granddaughter of Ithabaal, king of Tyre. She was also the first cousin of Jezebel, queen of Samaria and husband of king Ahab in the Book of 1st Kings of the Bible. The greeks called these canaanites phoenicians. Carthage was known

James Rhodes 

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Larry Boone 

But even if Africa is a Latin term

It is still an African word. Latin

Is derived from Phoenician

Which is really Egyptian


African taught Europe language.

Afers also in Somalia.

Johnny Lamochattee 

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alfred hardin 

Good video keep up the good work the only reason some of these people are hating so much is that the truth hurts there using there belief systems instead of facts good job and that's true

King Shabaka 

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Honorable Prophet 


Joren Van Eyken 

Do I mistakenly recognize an incoherence in your explanation regarding to the first origin of the word Africa? Let's except Wikipedia as a respectable source for a minute. You showed us that the Romans called people from the territories South of the Mediterranean "Afri". (one Afer, more Afri) The colony that Rome conquered, was only a small part of that territory. When they did conquer it, the other "territories South of the Mediterranean" were still in the hands of other people. So basically the Provincia Africa Proconsularis is their colony, that small part of Africa that was Rome's province under a proconsul (colonial governor). This means that there were other Afri walking outside of this colonial territory. We know that Romans had no clue about Africa beyond the desert, so they didn't really have or provide sources about it. But we do read that they called the people South of the Mediterranean "Afer". Thus that land was called Africa. And it its indeed a Latin term. But they didn'

African Defender 

Who really cares! Every people's piece of land where the people are named a piece of land after THEMSELVES.Niger,Nigeria, Senegal, Benin, Ghana,Congo,,,,,Europeans (aka ego tripper) loves to name places after them selves the exotic it empowers them then he moves in and over stays his visit,,,you guys are at early stages of a new sickness on your search of a self appeasement journey of arrogance,not really knowing from a African point of view,,,everything you guys get is from the Europa man's books you know the saying put it in a book to hide it from black people no that is the saying coined by black people and we run with it,,this African man says put a lie in a book and shove it in their faces after many years and generations the (NECRA DEAD WILL BELIEVE ANY THING,,, the royal geographical society stated we must be the leaders in discovery those that lead will rule the Earth as we see the vulture culprits today and those that follow spoke the true,sometime when you go through such

Nat Turner76 

Yep, Yes. Annoying.


I read the same shit on Wikipedia but I need another source anyone couldve made this up


You never heard of the Barbary slave trade


Now your right European culture is a piece of shit culture. You also forgot to add how Europeans oppressed other Europeans


Wikipedia doesn't make it facts tho everything on Wikipedia is not true


Berbers were black people

James Rhodes 

We Still Suffer The Affects Of Colonialism Ect.Ect..By Habitually Refering To Ourselves As African., African Americans Ect..Even Though We May know The True History


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joe honne 

Awesome video, and comments! Knowledge and wisdom is key! Shalom.

ikbel ait yala 

Ok guys. The origin of the name is Roman. It refers to Banu ifran a Berber tribe who was inhabited near the region of Carthage well-known today as Tunisia.

cltyton9s Rogers 

greek geography says the libu europa libya

Ron McLean 

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Carl Septien 

Africa: The feminine form of Africus; a Greco-Roman anemoi in this case a

wind deity representing the direction South West. Africus is from the

house of di indigetes (indigenous gods). In other words, this wind god

is named based on something other than the name of a place or tribe.

Africa is the feminine (and thus preceded) version of this word. It was

probably named thus because at the time Apricots (Apricus {Sunny;

exposed to the sun}) grew wild along the coast and the smell was carried

by the wind across the Mediterranean.


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Apache Saiyan 

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Ricky Hodges 

Listen young Hebrew, you need to do your research. Africa was named after a general named Sepio Africanus. Don't form an opinion unless you know all the facts.