OFFICIAL- Soul Seekers- Rialto Historical Society Museum & Church- Episode 3


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--Soul Seekers @ Rialto Historical Museum/Church--June 2013

On this episode of Soul Seekers Travel to Rialto California to investigate the original church of Rialto California this church is now used a Historical Museum in Rialto. Claims of this location being haunted by a little girl named Christina and a few other apparitions have been told. During the filming we capture many pieces of great evidence and Matt becomes oppressed by the resident spirit of this old church.

We also learn that we have a few spirits following us from location to location. An intelligent K-II conversation with Christina and something Evil residing inside this Church/Museum. Can Soul Seekers Approve Or Disprove the hauntings said to take place in this Historical Location? You be the judge of that.

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Jeffery Kondziela 

wow!! I've got to say even with what was going on with you you didn't let it interfere with the investigation Kudos man I'm telling you you guys are some of the best investigators I've seen on YouTube or on TV you guys or unbelievably focused and I love the way I feel like I'm seeing what I want to see really good camera work awesome investigation you guys are truly professionals

Alejandro Chavez 

How did you guys get permission to go inside at night? I really want to do this too!

Janely Barajas 

why does this remind me of ghost facers

Angel Quinn 

it's actually not very haunted because I've been there so :p

Angel Quinn 

I live there across the street

Angel Quinn 

I live there across the street

yuri staysgold 

please do more in the San Bernardino area heard there is a lot of hunted places

Angelina Balistreri 

are you guys still investigating? email me I would like to join your investigations. I have a 2-3 sensitives that can join us very great talent. great videos guys!!

munawar hussain 

Great stuff guys.

princess of darkness Bucchino 

Hi Dante and matt enjoy your show fantastic. I would like to say be careful the demon is playing games with your mind he will surprise you .

Tina Nichols 


ANNA belle 

Brilliant!! Watching from England....we have some incredible haunted locations over here. Maybe in the future you will be able to investigate our hauntings?

Love your professionalism, and its a refreshing change to the fake and pathetic ghost groups out there. Thanks for renewing my trust back into PROPER ghost investigating :))  All the best...


I went here as a field trip and  I opend a closet door and there was a strange light then it vanished

Jamie Pettit 

This is an awesome place. Investigated there many times. If you need help getting rid of your "followers" let me know!


You guys are the best investigators I have seen on youtube!

Eddie Delgado 

Can u guys do more HUNTED places in rialto California I live there n I wanna know if rialto places are hunted like rialto high n rialto gym n rialto theatre but now os Wal-Mart market... tht will be something I wanna know about since I heard the hunted stories of rialto

Soul Seekers 

Ken this is Dante From Soul Seekers. Thanks for the Comment and Support I will have some pretty good investigations coming in August so stay tuned..I hope our teams can work together.

Soul Seekers 

Thank you so much mermaid lorelei i always love to get your feedback on these investigations. You good at pointing out things we overlook and we appreciate it alot..

Ken Wiggins 

You guys have done an amazing job making these videos. Keep up the awesome work bro..


Wow! Fantastic investigation! I was on the edge of my seat the entire video. Listen closely at 4:22 because there is a clear female voice that replies something like "he hates me" in response to why Matt was feeling strange. I also noticed that there appears to be some type of misty anomaly that traveled behind you from right to left at 38:04-38:05 then another strange mist at the bottom left of screen at 38:35! Love the K2 communication at the end! Love you guys..take care and God Bless!