NYC and HUD reach agreement on public housing


(31 Jan 2019) New York City and U.S. housing officials announced a deal Thursday that will keep the city's massive public housing system out of federal receivership, but require the city to spend $2.2 billion over the next few years fixing chronic problems with lousy living conditions, lead paint and lack of heat.

The settlement, announced by U.S. Housing Secretary Ben Carson and Mayor Bill de Blasio, resolves a lawsuit in which federal authorities filed on behalf of the system's 400,000 tenants.

It would put the New York City Housing Authority under the eye of a federal monitor, but stop short of a solution suggested by a federal judge last fall, which would be to take the system out of the city's hands and place it under federal control.

"At the beginning of this process I'm sure that there are many who would have predicted that Secretary Carson and I would not have been able to work together well and communicate and find common ground," said de Blasio.

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Nancy Swenson 

That's good so they can house the people living on the streets in NY.