NY Plastic Surgeon Mocks Patient's Lawsuit; Patient Gets Last Laugh


NY Plastic Surgeon Mocks Patient's Lawsuit; Patient Gets Last Laugh


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She had some pretty basic plastic surgery done to her eyes.

The plastic surgeon reassured her that this was a very simple procedure. He told her she would look beautiful. She trusted him. He was very self-sure of himself.

After surgery, she couldn't close her eyelids. At all.

The surgeon told her to rub her eyelids and that would help. He told her it would relax the muscles in the island.

That didn't work. At all.

Because she couldn't close her eyelids fully, her eyes began to dry out. It's extremely uncomfortable and dangerous. When she blinked, her eyelids would close. When she tried to sleep, her eyelids remain half open.

The doctor continued to reassure her that this was normal....

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Billy - Personal 

so you knew he would lose just because he was cocky? doesn't sound like true justice to me...

Gerry Oginski 

I still remember how he mocked us during his deposition. Ridiculed is a better word. Have you ever had this with an adversarial witness? What did you do?

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