NLSS best raps and disses Vol. 1 (Jack Box Party Pack 5)


Does Northernlion have what it takes to take the great Gene?

Will Austin ever finish writing his verse?

Find out on this highlight video of one of the NLSS's best segments of all time.

Channel:  Egg Carton
Prison Ramos 

so good

Daddylonglegs ‘ 

How about a no

Ay everybody let me give you a show

Y’all rapping about sex

Com’n just say heck


Please Play More


From ass to feet you smeel like last week’s trash B


Hands down the gayest rap battle in the history of humankind


wow! this was a great vid .the low opacity clips which play over the vid when the raps a referencing things is something i havent seen in any other nlss highlight and i love it