Nintendo Switch UPDATING Outdated Games on 4.1.0 (Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Game Update) 1.09.01


In this video is a demonstration of how I am able to update outdated games on my Nintendo Switch Version 4.1.0

This finding was great and took a lot of time. I will not get into details.

For many updating outdated games can be benificial in many ways. Some Games you may purchase hard copy and not be able to actually play without UPDATING. Left with a game basically unplayable NBA2k 18 for example you can not even reach the main menue, I wasn't able to but with this method I created my character.

There may be limitations to this method. Be it software other then 4.1.0 on the outdated switch. Many factors that might in turn not allow you to fallow this method. I will not get into all the details it's common sense, change one variable it may not work. You may need to be signed in to the same account on both systems but I doubt it.

Now I hope the process is smooth for everyone. I am not liable for anything you choose to do with YOUR Nintendo Switch. That is under your under your own de...

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The pFBA tutorial/instructional video is up for everyone to view.

Link bellow:

Hope it helps answer some questions.

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